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Frekky the ugly medusa
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and the beautiful DeafWhiteRose

Harold Ambeau owns


deafghOster, it’s your

Image result for animated gif pointing laughingImage result for animated gif finger no no
 not Harold Ambeau!



Image result for animated gif you don't know nothing  Image result for animated gif youre wrong

Remember this?

Image result for 1985 BearsCHICAGO BEARS
Image result for Super Bowl XX photo by ☞Glenn Nagel

Related image[Walter Payton]
Well, they call me Sweetness
And I like to dance
Runnin’ the ball is like makin’ romance
We’ve had the goal since training camp
To give Chicago a Super Bowl champ
And we’re not doin’ this
Because we’re greedy
The Bears are doin’ it to feed the needy
We didn’t come here to look for trouble
We just came here to do
The Super Bowl Shuffle
Image result for Willie Gault[Willie Gault]
This is Speedy Willie, and I’m world class
I like runnin’ but I love to get the pass
I practice all day and dance all night
I got to get ready for the Sunday fight
Now I’m as smooth as a chocolate swirl
I dance a little funky, so watch me girl
There’s not one here that does it like me
My Super Bowl Shuffle will set you free

Image result for [Mike Singletary][Mike Singletary]
I’m Samurai Mike, I stop ’em cold
Part of the defense, big and bold
I’ve been jammin’ for quite a while
Doin’ what’s right and settin’ the style
Give me a chance, I’ll rock you good
Nobody messin’ in my neighborhood
I didn’t come here lookin’ for trouble
I just came to do The Super Bowl Shuffle

Related image

[Jim McMahon]
I’m the punky QB, known as McMahon
When I hit the turf, I’ve got no plan
I just throw my body all over the field
I can’t dance, but I can throw the pill
I motivate the cats, I like to tease
I play so cool, I aim to please
That’s why you all got here on the double
To catch me doin’ the Super Bowl Shuffle

[Otis Wilson]
I’m mama’s boy Otis, one of a kind
The ladies all love me
For my body and my mind
I’m slick on the floor as I can be
But ain’t no sucker gonna get past me
Some guys are jealous
Of my style and class
That’s why some end up on their [whistle]
I didn’t come here lookin’ for trouble
I just get down to The Super Bowl Shuffle

Image result for steve fuller football[Steve Fuller]
They say Jimbo is our man
If Jimmy can’t do it, I sure can
This is Steve, and it’s no wonder
I run like lightnin’, pass like thunder
So bring on Atlanta, bring on Dallas
This is for Mike and Papa Bear Halas
I’m not here to feather his ruffle
I just came here to do
The Super Bowl Shuffle
Image result for Mike Richardson
[Mike Richardson]
I’m L.A. Mike, and I play it cool
They don’t sneak by me cause I’m no fool
I fly on the field and get on down
Everybody knows I don’t mess around
I can break ’em, shake ’em
Any time of day
I like to steal it and make ’em pay
So please don’t try to beat my hustle
Cause I’m just here to do
The Super Bowl Shuffle
Image result for Richard Dent[Richard Dent]
The sackman’s comin’, I’m your man Dent
If the quarterback’s slow
He’s gonna get bent
We stop the run, we stop the pass
I like to dump guys on their [whistle]
We love to play for the world’s best fans
You better start makin’
Your Super Bowl plans
But don’t get ready or go to any trouble
Unless you practice
The Super Bowl Shuffle

Related image[Gary Fencik]
It’s Gary here, and I’m Mr.Clean
They call me “hit man”
Don’t know what they mean
They throw it long and watch me run
I’m on my man, one-on-one
Buddy’s guys cover it down to the bone
That’s why they call us the 46 zone
Come on everybody let’s scream and yell
We’re goin’ to do the Shuffle
Then ring your bell
[William “Refrigerator” Perry]Image result for William “Refrigerator” Perry
You’re lookin’ at the Fridge
I’m the rookie
I may be large, but I’m no dumb cookie
You’ve seen me hit, you’ve seen me run
When I get the pass, we’ll have more fun
I can dance, you will see
The others, they all learn from me
I didn’t come here lookin’ for trouble
I just came here to do
The Super Bowl Shuffle

* Yo Disney!

Image result for animated gif walt disney castle
WikiGabriella the deaf mermaid. 

Image result for Gabriella the deaf mermaidCharacter was based on ☞Gabriella Angelina Bommino, a fan who wrote to Disney.

* Check out ☞Walt Disney Confession.


=D Image result for animated gif ant waving hi

My answer for

Image result for animated gif albert einstein thinking

Thumbnails in DVV


John Krasinski
Image result for Millicent SimmondsA Quiet Place~deaf actress, ☞Millicent Simmonds

OH MY! yellowbirdie84! You

Image result for animated gif yellow bird

Yes, you’re annoying, Fairytales9!

Image result for animated gif smiley laughing Yo zacky boy! Remember it’s Fairytales9 who made the threat to killus, 
 Rayline and
images.jpgme with the
Image result for gif shotgun blastshotgun of hers alongside with Frekky applauding Fairytales9 for making death threats towards us?!!

So shut the fuck up, zacky boy, your hypocrisy’s showing. 


need to learn this!-repinned- Maltese grooming before and after. More-repinned- Before & after groomingTop knot cutie.
their ☞haircut.
-repinned- Before & After dog grooming photos Mais

My favorite moment in



zack1324, what

here.zacky boy!
Your proof’s worthless!

Deafwomynpride’s question about the book

called  Image result for answerImage result for hell yes!!Image result for answer in the U.S.A.Image result for Americagot started because of the Bible.Image result for bibleImage result for bibleImage result for bibleImage result for bibleImage result for bibleImage result for bibleImage result for bible

   fromDHM - disability history museumin Frekky’s book  Image result for gif pointing rightburning.


 gift for ☞me from

Image result for animated gif yellow birdyellowbirdie84, Image result for animated gif you stupid 

Mountain Life

Sorry, I couldn’t find Mountain houses on the higher level of mountains along with the forest & river & with the houses down on the valley GIF. Wasted my few? hours of looking for one & found none. Phew!
Anyway from now on I’m going to watch Mountain Life on TV. I like to watch it as having the mountain home is like a dream.
I remember a long time ago I watched Mountain Homes then stopped showing on TV & now it’s back on the TV again. Oh I’m in love with watching Mountain Homes. Beautiful homes in beautiful places away from the cities.
I do know that it’s not safe for me to live in the mountain alone unless I buy guns then I should be safe. ha ha
Having the Mountain home is a really like the dream so wont need to buy guns. ha 🙂

Have u noticed that there has more & more Mother Natures happening all over the World more frequently lately?


More & more hard-heartened people all over the World are shown on Facebook & on Investigation Discovery, etc.?
It’s truly very sad to see more & more hard-heartened people all over the world, for example, pathological liars, thieves, torturers, sadists, murderers, mad-money makers, etc. daily.

I’m looking forward to seeing that our Heavenly Father will keep on having all Mother Natures to come to take all hard-heartened people out of the Earth more frequently.

Canada’s Day / Independence Day

Happy Belated “Canada’s Day” on July 1st, 2018 at 151 years old!

Happy Belated “Independence Day” (United States) aka “the Fourth of July” at 242 years old!





Grinch’s dog

I can’t believe I am person bored wow

Because I have special needs and social anxiety discord

Lawsy me!

Image result for laughing smiley animated gif
Image result for laughing smiley animated gif

OH! WOW! Now that’s

Yo people, Harold Ambeau got

 at Gab.aiGab.aiHarold Ambeau
OH! There’s dumbsnake!

Huh?!! Not me! I don’t think that! Assuming again as usual, eh? For me, it’s you and your clan’s

Yeah right, deafghOster!

Yo zack1324! How was the honor

funeral for me onImage result for animated gif funeral balloons

Related image   last July the 1st?

 Image result for animated gif scary balloons


Techno Viking

Image result for techno viking 2018

Whatever, bitch.

Look at edoedo!

Image result for floating hearts animated gifSo sweet
Image result for ThundershirtsNew to me. Wonder if it really works?!!

zack1324, you thanking kaboom?!! 

Image result for animated gif come onImage result for tell the truth animated gif  

You all were Kaboom☜ in Harold Ambeau/Th3Harold’s former website, 

9 thoughts on “For Leno Leiz”

How they partied

last  During the Image result for Revolutionary WarRevolutionary War
George Washington gave his soldiers Image result for Revolutionary War soldiersa special treat for the holiday.On July 4, 1778, George Washington ordered a double ration of rum for his soldiers. Related image He also ordered a cannon salute to celebrate the occasion.
Drinking was a large part of historical Fourth of July celebrations — Related imageit was traditional to drink 13 toasts, one forImage result for animated gif america flag 13 stars each state in the union.Image result for animated gif cheers 4th july

Image result for animated gif cheers 4th julyViolet

For you all

  • Animated American Flag
Image result for animated gif happy 4th of july

I remember there was a park where it had a long & thick rope from one tall tree

The kids & I loved to climb just a little up the cliff then there had a tree w/the rope for us all to ride on the rope then jumped off the rope & into the nice cool water.
Yes, of course there was many trees, but only one tree that had the rope for us to ride on the rope then jumped off the rope & into the nice cool water!
We, the Deafies used to attend that place once yearly just for picnic time. I always loved going up there!

Picnic Time & lake to swim!

I remember a long time ago I always went to the places where my mother worked for always had picnic every year
Always love to play some different games. There had three? groups of ages of competitions. There had a real very large swimming pool.
Always love picnics; always love to eat outdoor! especially had some different games to play in competitions & won the prizes.
Sure miss those old times, when I was very young girl! Ugh pout

What will u do, when u see something like that, my dear sweet friends & strangers?


Related imageA$!%&^ A$!%&^ 

4 people in DeafVideo.TV

Check it out 
Sure explains the  stars and fist bumps, eh?!!
zack1324 said he did not want to tag deafghOster because he got too many accounts in DVTV.
Many times I have said Frekky and zack1324 are friends with deafghOster and they use deafghOster to do the dirty work for them to help with attacking the people in DVTV which Frekky and zack1324 have said no they are not and I am lying .
There’s proof I am not lying In this  “Video for DM“☜ See how zack1324 said to deafghOster he appreciates his hard work..

Thumbup #2, Happy Birthday to you!

For Leno Leiz

Image result for good morning animated gif waving hi


Lo Saelee,
Sweet of you Lo Saelee but what about your new girlfriend? It will break her heart.
No, I don’t know anyone in Seattle, Washington.
You have a good day, kid.

For Mike Curry and the clan,

Tell zacky boy to hurry up and contact them.
Own it up? Me? Own up what?
Now for you, zack1324, Frekky, Harold Ambeau and P220.
You all own it up!
FBI will find out you, zack1324, Frekky, Harold Ambeau and P220 all committed cyber crimes against me.
It’s you, zack1324, Frekky, Harold Ambeau and P220 who will go to prison.


Sup P220? No

 Image result for animated gif blah blah blah

My bad thinking you are deafghOster and my apologies are over thereImage result for animated gif who metrolling, labelling, bullying, defame and lying?Image result for animated gif smiley siting computer coffee laugh Warning me not threatening me?!! You don’t threaten people? Well, it looks like you are threatening me. I wasn’t born yesterday, ya know?Image result for animated gif oh for heaven's sake 

It’s not you I’m calling a slut!☜  It was for Superdeafpride, you idiot!

P220, Letting you know I don’t respond too well with threats and blackmail. You go Image result for animated gif kiss my ass

Nope Frekky. It’s not Bulldog. It’s you.

 Frekky’s☜ video for Bulldog
Comments between Frekky and DeafPowerE in 

It’s me EricNormal.
Oct 24, 2014 · Posted 3 days ago · by DeafPowerE
View all posts by DeafPowerE – Total Post 1 →
the walking dead until 2 days left.
Hey Toothless boy!
3 days ago C-link
Cool video but are you trying to turn DPV into like “DVTV”? Just wondering
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1 day ago C-link
Please get real.
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22 hours ago C-link
Oh I’m always real but are you? 🙂
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13 hours ago C-link
You need to chasing over drama or gossip around with your friends. Your message is groundless and you just came across with this. Jeez, that said a lot about you. You knew me for long time in DPV and you admired me. You should already know where I am standing right now. That is why I said please get real.
I lost respect for you after you accused your own son for molest/rape/incest your daughter. I will never respect those kind mothers. If your son actually raped/molested/incest then he should be in prison by now. If you could apology to your son then I could restore my respect for you.
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9 hours ago C-link
Lol then epic failed on you for not noticing my sarcasm in my video in reply to Deanna aka Bulldog’s claims that pope had incested his own sister. I’d face in prison for allowing that.
My daughter overreacted at first when she saw my video but she watched it one more time and noticed my sarcasm that many of you and your alikes had failed miserably.
If incest ever occurred, I’d rather shoot my head rather than live with shame for the rest of my life.
It’s sad my admiration for you ended a long time ago when you tried to explain about the difference between in real life and internet world which I disagree. Also not just that, your persistent love for God and how you behave in internet world is nothing but hypocrisy. That’s why I’m asking you if you are real when you told me to please get real.
No hard feeling but I can see where many epic failures come in your hands when you don’t know the difference between actual facts and sarcasm.
Please note: I do not have any regrets with whatever I said or done. Thank you. Have a beautiful day. Looking forward to Halloween.
I thought you’re smarter but one of 85% dumb ones.
No hard feeling. Now I know where to stand. (Thumb up)
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9 hours ago C-link
Another word, I never accused pope for having sick incest with his own sister. Obviously you weren’t too good at paying real close attention. Don’t know where you got that story. Well that’s alright. Ta-ta
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1 hour ago C-link
I don’t really remember what happened but the point was you and your son couldn’t get along because of your daughter situation something like that. Anyway, I couldn’t believe that you are willing to sarcasm on this situation with your own son!? Oh beep! Don’t you see what I see from here? Da the problem.
Dawn Nalee WINKLER aka Frekky Appellant Petitioner v. Kirk Steven WINKLER Sr. – DEAF VIDEO VLOGS (1)Image result for puzzled look gif Conflicting comments from Frekky~
First, she said she did it out of sarcasm then the next comment she said she never said it?!!
#1. No hard feeling but I can see where many epic failures come in your hands when you don’t know the difference between actual facts and sarcasm.
#2. Another word, I never accused pope for having sick incest with his own sister.
Yo Frekky, about sarcasm
Image result for ant waving hi gifand a bonus for you.

Image result for animated gif smiley laughing

3rd one in

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcanoRelated image

Image result for animated gif guatemala volcanoFuegoImage result for volcano gif transparentImage result for alaska volcano cleveland

Image result for volcano gif transparent

Alaska volcano

The clan’s growing.

Looky P220! Frekky (Dawn) is thanking you!

P220, here’s the thank you from FrekkyWOW! More thank you from Frekky☜ to you, P220!
It’s now the year 2018☜ And I am still here!!! AWWW! Looky P220! You made
 Frekky cry with your epic fail to blackmail me into shutting down my result for animated gif patting myself on my back

Th3Harold and his monkettes

Snake in the grass is the perfect description of Th3Harold!
Thanks, ToddH!

Yo P220, are your ears burning?

P220! Your whole face got on fire from the burning ear!
Yo Frekky the fat cow! The same to you


Video hacked from

by zack1324 posted in
owned by Brian Tayler Mayer☜, titled right here

Fuckhead’s☜ post in his response to Rayline’s hacked video☜ from and fat ass edoedo said

zack1324, about your post in DeafVideo.Trash titled

 Image result for animated gif eye rolling

Like  Slyfox69  did! 
Yo UA, zack1324, GraciousTorah, DeafHank89, James70, 
Zazzy7 and Deaf hawkman, here’s 2 fingers for your eyes


Temper! Temper! Temper!

Related imageImage result for thumbs down animated gifInvalid argument due to your personal attacks against his appearance, family and his comic readings.Blood all over Ridor9th?!!Image result for dripping blood animated gifImage result for you're creepy gifImage result for cuckoo crazy gif
Image result for hopes dashed animated gifImage result for oh dear gifFrekky! Looks like you got your hopes dashed.
Ridor9th didn’t fall, still got a face and going strong. Image result for animated gif smiley laughing Better luck next time. 

Am going to pick up feral felines’ poops & urinate in both yards today.

Two days ago I picked up some of felines’ poops & urinate with my hands in front yard & need to finish the job then go to backyard to pick up all poops & urinate. I’m not a wimpy about having cats’ poops & urinate in my hands & fingertips. Hell no way. That’s my dirt job & that dirt job doesn’t kill me. I’m going to have a real very lovely afternoon doing dirt job w/great feelings! Oh yeah! yeah! Love to do the dirt job w/my bare hands & fingers! I don’t wear garden glove. No thanks! That’s for sissy women & men. Oh yeah dirt hands, I love them! Smiling from ear to ear…

Harassment by Frekky, zack1324, shebaby and Harold Ambeau in

toward cherubgeez. Interesting comments on #3.1 and #3.1.1



Frekky, you said

Image result for animated gif lie nose growing screenshot-deafwars-wordpress-com-2016-11-18-12-32-09 Image result for liar animated gif Time for you to own it up, Frekky!   

Watch what Frekky says about private groups in

Right here          


deafghOster and my comments underneath
LOL @ zack1324!!!

Real truth revealed Frekky is a

Frekky’s post in  

Image result for bravo animated gif for Frekky


 Finally❣ For you, JetSoCal, :hug:Truth is great!!!    
Image result for cow chewing cud animated gifYo Frekky the fat cow!

JetSoCal did a good job of walking with the truth, eh? Too bad you don’t practice what you preach. 

what JetSoCal said about seeing the same people over and over and over. Yeah, it’s mostly your people. Bunch of dumb fucks and boring as hell. Never learned something new from you all.

Image result for animated gif laughing

Image result for animated gif dunceSo you don’t know nothing about politicseh?!! Then stop vlogging nonsense about Trump.Image result for animated gif oh reallyNo wonder all the good people left 

Your future mail

 Start writing

Looky! zack1324’s throwing a

temper tantrum!

         Image result for animated gif crying

    zacky boy! Image result for kleenex animated gif  

Don’t forget you do report to daddy about other people who broke the R-Lists too.

Even your black hat hacker friend deafghOster got involved too.























Image result for animated gif laughing smiley

R~List violation in

by Frekky towards Bulldog.




LOL @ zack1324!!!

zack1324’s Image result for pointing right gifvideo comment for edoedo.
Related imagezack1324 said I am the one exposing people’s addresses?

Look what zack1324 said about me knowing how to make a false website? I am not computer savvy!

how zack1324 seems to know how to steal other people’s IP addresses, eh?!! No wonder zack1324 is able to post people’s addresses in Image result for ?!!

zack1324 said there’s no hacker in
Image result for
??? Sure is a different story from what Mike Curry aka deafghOster said.What zack1324 said about Frekky, well, she broke in Image result for pointing right gifDVTV and she got into the dashboard of Apple’s account in Image result for pointing right gifDVVlogs. Either Frekky is a hacker or she had help from deafghOster.

Accusing me of crashing  computer?!! That lying fucking bastard!!! God, I hope Image result for pointing right gifJohnscifi47 doesn’t think I did that?!!

Talking about me owning DeafWars! Bull fucking shit! I do not own that site!

See what zack1324 said about posting my personal information? God! zack1324’s a fucking asshole!!! People give give give it to him?!! Bullshit! Don’t forget he’s friends with black hat hacker, Image result for pointing right gifdeafghOster and zack1324 himself knows how to steal IP address.
Image result for be afraid be very afraid gif

One more thing, Mike Curry aka deafghOster works for Brian Tayler Mayer?!!Image result for be afraid be very afraid gif

About Deafwomynpride the

Image result for throwing stones gif Deafwomnypride☜ threw the first stone in Image result for, called me anImage result for gif shaking my headWorse of all, Deafwomynpride insultedShe told him he needs to wear a bra and again another insult by her calling him a weirdo 
Image result for gif YouDeafwomynpride! DeafinitelyGregg did absolutely nothing wrong to you! The sole reason for you attacking DeafinitelyGregg was because he talked to me.
My comment for Silverface, see how
Image result for nose growing gifDeafwomynpride blatantly lied☜ and

me☜ of something I didn’t do! Look how sweet Avas was with his comment for me. Image result for for sure gif Kid’s got  Image result for for sure gif for sure!

Look at the shitty way Deafwomynpride☜ treats the other people in DVTV. EricFast☜ described perfectly about what kind of a person Deafwomynpride is. Stupid bitch got no right talking down to people like that. Deafwomynpride’s nothing but a
Image result for seriously gif

Deafwomynpride is not a good representation for the  .

Yo lesbo, suck on this