In honor of

Image result for WhiteRose gifDeafWhiteRose

Agree with Deafwomynpride!

You cyberstalked 

Butt hurting Frekky going all 

  in DVTV because of what Pax said about !!!

Image result for animated gif pointing laughing not us! Image result for yo bitch 

Pax’s question,

Related image they are!!!
Image result for stupid people everywhere gif

For funnyjoke2790, Your elf name is

Yo GoldenIrish76,

who Anonymous 13 is?

Anonymous 13 is

 and this is what he looks likeImage result for bells  christmas animated gif

For Avas,

Deafwomynpride‘s accusation toward me about inboxing in DVTV.


Image result for bells  christmas animated gifImage result for merry christmas animated gif Avas!




Image result for coal for christmas animated gifRelated image

The Elf on the Shelf


🎅🎅🎅🎅Find out what your Christmas elf name> is🎅🎅🎅🎅

LOL! Looks like

Image result for animated gif santa in underwearDeafwomynpride is now accusing me of inboxing her in Deaf Video tv after I made that post.
Image result for animated gif yuk Holy Crap!
Deafwomynpride talking about sticking her thumb up her ass and putting her thumb in her mouth?!! What a weird sick freak, eh?!! Go see it for yourself~ASL video.~And she called me a sicko?!!
Image result for animated gif elf wavingDeafwomynpride? How about you sticking your thumb up in Santa Claus’s ass?Image result for animated gif santa in underwear

deafpoweronethumbtwo, Moon Ring…

Jordan Greaney aka snowsnake, And

EricMartinson cyberbullying

Why don’t you ask zack1324? I’m sure he still has it and leave Violet alone!

Wrong, zack1324!

Who’s aImage result for lying piece of shit animated gif


Image result for seriously animated gif

Look at Frekky and zack1324 cyberbullying Lo Saelee

Holy crap! Net Neutrality…

Check it out>here.

You, zack1324! Stop

2matSeattle! You committed crime against 2matSeattle by slandering her! Leave her the fuck alone!

Yo snowsnake formerly known as deafsnake,

Here’s  definition for you.

There’s nothing in> there that shows I have slandered you compared to your posts slandering me.

More slandering in texts by you, snowsnake.

It’s you, snowsnake, who committed crimes against me.

TSK! TSK TSK! edoedo!

Image result for animated gif laughing Watch edoedo’s> ASL video posted at DVTV talking about my> postImage result for oh please gif
edoedo said he has no idea where I came up with the false information?
Image result for animated gif pointing down

Watch zack1324‘s> ASL video for GhostBikerX~watch what edoedo said in his> ASL video comment for zack1324. By the way, edoedo’s comment was removed from DVTV. More about breaking in DVV> ASL video by zack1324 for Harold Ambeau. Image result for animated gif suspiciousCheck out the> post I made for Frekky about saddlegoose’s comment.
Frekky removed saddlegoose’s comment about deafghOster?

 Watch what saddlegoose said in his> ASL video comment for Frekky.

Image result for truth gifWatch zack1324’s> ASL video for dg~deafghOster-DM~Deadmau, ordering him to do damage to 3 other deaf websites, Deaf Video Vlogs, DeafWars and Thumbupweb.
Watch Frekky’s> ASL video ordering saddlegoose to “fuck with Thumbupweb and Deaf Video Vlogs websites”

zack1324, Still being

by Christian women in Christian Dating site?NOT!

Gots to

go get me milk and cigarettes.

I know. I know. Smoking is bad. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Be  soon.

Jordan Greaney formerly known as

now known as snowsnake.
Who asked? Defiantly not me! I don’t hang out with bad people who are nothing but a  cowardly cyber stalking black hat hacker  who’s supposedly retired 

Jordan Greaney,

   Image result for animated gif snake eating itself 

UH OH! Bad news for Deaf Mermaid!

Inline image 2


Image result for animated gif christmas treesnowing here in Thumbupweb!!!  Thank you, WordPress!

Related imageLOL! Take a look.

Thank you AVAS for the link.


zack1324‘s video.
Sup withyour comment for zack1324?
No Deaf Community pride, eh? edoedo, If it happened to your website,you going to congratulate deafghOster and zack1324?

Watch zack1324 ordering deafghOster to do damage to 3 other deaf websites.

Slander, defamation, harassment and

by zack1324 and HorrorX toward Cherub Geez and me

in Harold Ambeau’s former website, Rebel Posts.


heeeres johnny?!!            Image result for animated gif pointing down

heeeres johnny’s right. You, Frekky, definitely are

Put your money where your mouth is when posting about honesty!

OK, Lo Saelee

There will be no disrespecting towards my authors here in Thumbupweb.

Image result for animated gif pointing downImage result for animated gif no


You are more than welcome to leave comments but please respect my authors.

Image result for Thank you

Hey deafghOster,

There will be no disrespecting towards my authors here in Thumbupweb. 


Image result for animated gif pointing upthumbdown?

Hence calling you uglygecko.

Yoo Hoo, bad mommy

Image result for ant waving hi animated gif

Yoo Hoo!


Excuse me, Jala?

About your video, Image result for animated gif duh Note, it’s all about  negative talk by you people with your false accusation, slander and defamation towards me. Image result for Here's the proof I am being  by you people.

zack1324’s video for

Right Image result for animated gif pointing right here.
Image result for black hatterTSK! TSK! TSK! Hanging out with a Image result for animated gif pointing right black hatter, eh?!!
Buddha9! Image result for laughing hyena animated gifLooky at what zack1324 has said! He said you and I are one same person!!!

Here we go again!

Image result for awwDeafwomynpride got good manners! She’s thanking snowsnake. Wrong, Deafwomynpride, it’s you who’s a sickie.

Attacking a nice person who had done nothing wrong to you except for the fact he was very nice to me which got you so infuriated! SICKO!

Looky below, nothing new, eh?!! 

Yo snowsnake!

Image result for pathetic animated gifWatching you, snowsnake, doing all of this

   for Frekky! It’s making you look like a Image result for loser animated gif

In answer to your question,

Image result for pointing right animated gifSee it for yourself.

LOL @ deafsnake now known as snowsnake.

Image result for who me animated gifImage result for animated gif pointing up dumbsnake? Click on Throwawayaccount and you will find it’s saddlegoose.Image result for duh animated gif

And now you are back to

town, eh Frekky?!!Image result for animated gif unpacking suitcaseImage result for animated gif kicking buttImage result for animated gif pointing laughing

I smell it too.

In Facebook…

Image result for Check it out.

Free games!

Image result for black dividers png

Surprised I’m not being

for it!!! 

UH OH! What did BTM formerly known as Finnishman do?

Image result for huhand

BTM geckoed purplegecko?
 Image result for animated gif lolI checked to see if geckoed is even a word and  it is!Image result for animated gif pointing down Related image Image result for animated gif yikesNever mind! Image result for animated gif yikesI didn’t mean that kind of geckoed! 

Note how the word female is spelled incorrectly?!! 

  Image result for animated gif giggling Learned me a new vocabulary today!!!

 , purplegecko has a good heart? Image result for i dont think so

She’s one of Frekky and zack1324’s

WarHawk? I is

Related image


Related imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageImage result for christmas sugar cookies

Take the quiz  to find out which Christmas cookie matches your personality.

Frekky, Proved my case

it’s you with

Image result for animated gif pointing laughingImage result for animated gif smiley laughing


LOL @ Frekky

 Looky here, Frekky!

See what the professional said about you. Right here in black and white.


Last time you made this vlog was November 13th, 2017 and I posted this for you on November 14th, 2017 and have not heard from you since?



Remember Frekky?

front judge GIFYou, Frekky, were so mad at Buddha9 and me when Harold Ambeau let us “Faceless” back in 
judge judy GIF
You were the one whoLook at your comment for me.
 the judge judge judy dumb ideas dum brains GIFAnother comment by you, demanding we confess and make apologies on something which we have no idea on what you were accusing us of.
Apparently you all found out who did it. Something to do with DERP.
Why don’t you the fat cowImage result for animated gif cow mooing, confess you were wrong and apologize?!!
judge judy GIFAnother one by you, being all deluded thinking Buddha9 and I are the one and same person.
You know now we are not, eh?!!
OH my! judge judy GIF Aren’t you a very stupid fat cow, Image result for animated gif cow mooingFrekky?!!

Soheir, are u okay? Hope so!

I learned that there was something real bad incident at Mosque in Egypt just while ago. I think, it was something like shooting? I just thought about u. Are ur family & u okay? Hope so! May our Heavenly Father be w/ur family & u all the time! I’m embracing u w/my love, hugs & sisterly kisses mwahs xoxo

Frekky, No gobbling


Image result for animated gif turkey laughingwith son and grandson?

Cancan turkey

Wish u all Happy Thanksgiving w/all blessings of great health, joy, good & safe life in our Heavenly Father’s Protecting Arms

I’m truly grateful that our Heavenly Father has great patience w/me, whenever whatever I said w/my “displeased” words & having some great & cool (neat) friends
Stay warm…

For the

Image result for animated gif lines dividers happy thanksgiving


Image result for animated gif lines dividers happy thanksgiving funnyjoke2790
Image result for animated gif lines dividers happy thanksgiving


Ferme ta gueule, mec!

Joyeux Thanksgiving, connard!

J’espère que vous étouffez sur un os de dinde.

Surprised? You? edoedo?

Well, let me tell you what I was surprised about.

Frekky’s video response to one of your video {removed?} advising another vlogger to go over to help desk.

{My opinion, Frekky could have left comments under your video but noooooooooooooo, she had to go post it in ASL DVTV.}

Sup with that? You were the biggest advocate for deaf people with some and/or no knowledge of the English language?!!

You, edoedo, was willing to go low just to kiss Frekky’s ass?!! 

Excellent title

Image result for animated gif happy thanksgivingRelated image 

you got going on up there, Buddha9

Related imageImage result for animated gif pointing down

Image result for animated gif brown you're welcomecunt  Image result for animated gif brown thank you too

Watch out for Blue Waffles, DeafMermaid

because you fat belly,

Seems like a million years ago!

From last 

Quiz~Your Age Based On Your Thanksgiving Food Tastes

Image result for animated gif autumn
 I’m 24 years old!!! 

Find out how old you are.

Pointing out Buddha9’s excellent post for Frekky


Sup with you threatening physical harm toward saif?~[ASL VIDEO]

Nothing new with you being violent towards another,~[ASL VIDEO] eh?

No wonder the court took your children away from you! You probably hit them a lot.

Anyway, take a look at Buddha9’s excellent post for you!

Frekky… huh?? 

So true that!!! Feeling stupid yet?

  Nah, never mind, it was a stupid question. You wouldn’t know what stupid is because you’re stupid..


Image result for duh gifImage result for duh gifFrekky !!!

Interesting! DeafMermaid’s been

Image result for surprised cat gif
No wonder DeafMermaid is an expert on the use of WD-40~[ASL VIDEO] oil with straw

Image result for pointing down gifbecause she had practice, a lot of practice!~[ASL VIDEO]
DeafMermaid’s ex boyfriend is so 

 Image result for smart gif
to dump her, eh? 

Image result for you slut gifAfter being dumped 4 years ago, still Image result for animated gif smiley laughing

Freedom of speech, says Deafwomynpride

Image result for animated gif eye rollingDeafwomynpride,Image result for animated gif pointing downImage result for freedom of speech is hate speech

Image result for animated gif pointing downYourRelated image

Damn! Another


Go check it out.Image result for evolution



CHsASLDeafNews’s question

Image result for christmas starImage result for christmas star

Image result for candy canes animated gifImage result for candy canes animated gif

Image result for snowing animated gifImage result for snowing animated gifImage result for snowing animated gifImage result for santa claus thumbs up animated gifImage result for snowing animated gifImage result for snowing animated gifImage result for snowing animated gif



Image result for snowman animated gifNorth PoleIs it Image result for animated gif green arrow pointing rightChristmas


Image result for animated gif me funny

Rayline, Your use of the word

 in one of your comment  I looked it up.

 ?! !

 They have  a lot of times.

Harold Ambeau’s

Inline image 1Harold Ambeau was complaining about deafsnake’s post talking about Frekky from DVTV which was against rule #4 in Deaf Video Vlogs, ~Bringing problems from another deaf website~
When I was asked to leave DVV, deafsnake made one post after another defaming and slandering me as well as zack1324 when he joined DVV as soon as I left.

(Here’s one example of deafsnake’s post)

All the while Harold Ambeau said nothing about it?

Hypocritical jackass, eh?

Yo, Karen?

Help for you, kazio63

Image result for animated gif schoolImage result for animated gif cat no noImage result for animated gif scared

You, Frekky! Still

You people, Harold Ambeau, zack1324, deafghOster and you, Frekky, had been abusing and threatening Avas for years. So I don’t blame him for being upset.Image result for karma bit your butt

Remember how you, Frekky, the fat cow  Image result for animated gif cow mooing were cheering Fairytales9 for threatening to shoot us?

Image result for animated gif pointing laughing Well, It’s my turn!

Image result for animated gif bravo bravoImage result for champ!Avas!!! Image result for animated gif tipping my hat off for youEvidence of  inflicted by you people toward Avas.

Image result for animated gif how nice how somebody stood up for Avas.

Said Harold Ambeau is the one stalking Avas. Interesting, eh?

Look what Harold Ambeau said.

Lock him up, eh?
Funny thing. Harold Ambeau and zack1324 said the same thing about me but they both failed big time!Image result for animated gif smiley laughing

Look at how nasty you, Frekky, were toward Avas.

How sad is that? Harold Ambeau and zack1324 torturing Avas.

Very demeaning comment for Avas by zack1324.

Hope you sleep well tonight,  Image result for animated gif cow mooing fat cow.

Death threaten, Tayler Mayer?

What about the other vloggers in your website~ Funnyjoke,  Violet,  Rayline, and  2matSeattle who was Death Threaten” by Fairytales9 with Frekky congratulating her?

Only 2 people from DVTV, DBwood54 and Simplegal expressed their concern. 

Violet and simplegal had asked you for help and they did not get any response from you, Tayler Mayer?!! Sup with that?

From Rebel Posts

Hate crime committed by

toward Christians and straight people in Deaf Video TV?!!

will ya, Deafwomynpride?!! 

No wonder you have headaches, eh?Image result for brain tumor 

Or it could be brain tumor, who knows?!!Image result for animated gif shark laughing

Nope, it’s not

Image result for duh animated gif 

Don’t forget you owe DeafinitelyGregg an apology.

Image result for shame on you finger gifImage result for you bitch You’re rather surprisingly narrow-minded, aren’t you?!!

Here we go again! He sure got

Yo fat cow,

Image result for animated gif waiting Well, Frekky?

Did you find any more shaming? Image result for animated gif waiting