In honor of DeafWhiteRose

Frekky the ugly medusa
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and the beautiful DeafWhiteRose

mssleepyeyez’s 2 videos

Yo Eric Martinson!

Image result for animated gif pointing laughingImage result for animated gif lie nose growing Finally
Your lies are out!

Yup, you sure are, Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman!!!

You gave deafghOster ☞Apple’s IP address.

………………………………………………………And he is back working for ☞you!!!

Yo deafghOster, what did you

say to CHsASLDeafNews?!!
Own up
to it, ☞deafghOster!!!


Funny wimp!


perfectly ☞ghastly!!!

Is that so, CrazyCoffeeWoman75?!!

Then why be a ☞C people for the abusive B people namely Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman?!!

Yo Karen Hogston!

Your people know you are nothing but a motherfucking liar?!!

Hardy har har!

It’s you who’s off, Kirk Winkler!

Image result for crazy gif

Jesus! Take a

look at this!

What gets me is her friend selfishly declined to walk with her to 7/11 when it was night time? Did she not care for her safety after she willing let her come to her home?
Funny thing. Her safety was compromised when she refused to walk with her and stayed at her house alone with her boyfriend!!!

More evidence of you, Joseph A. Bader, is a

Your video comment for GhostBikerX.
Joseph A. Bader,so it makes you a Mr. Criminal.

More evidence of you, Joseph A. Bader, 
is a cyberstalker coming soon.

Conflicting post by the so called atheist, Pope

Image result for puzzled animated gifaka Kirk Winkler, the incestuous stalker, Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman’s son. both known as the B and C people.

Hurt yourself much,


Liking this

PAX. He’s always cool and never afraid to stand up to the B and C people.

Image result for animated gif laughingLook at Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman all butt hurting
by what Pax said about her, the B and C people.
Begin transcript:
Why did Pax say that about us? Why not them?
End transcript.
Yo lard-ass ho
 hurts, eh?!! 

Lawsy me! More

question from


Joseph A. Bader already has a gun,

Image result for exclamation marks gifImage result for exclamation marks gifImage result for exclamation marks gifImage result for exclamation marks gifImage result for exclamation marks gif

Related image

Correction, Eric Martinson,

The correct word is

Image result for teacher animated gifATTACKS:
Oh, cowardly ☞B and C ladies attacks in much, Eric Martinson?!!

Yo Eric Martinson,

Knowing you asked Bulldog a stupid question: ☞

Image result for you stupid animated gifDumb and stupid much, Eric Martinson?!!

Have some air

Whew !

Violet so funny!!!

Check out what ☞Violet said to
Dawn N.Winkler-Huffman!!!

Zazzy7 got

Image result for idea
some nice fashion idea!
Love the scarf around her neck!

Look at the

Image result for animated gif eye rollingthinking she’s
such a bad ass.
Image result for animated gif dumb fuck

Yo HorrorX!

Here goes the B and C people going low by attacking the A people in

Explanation of the ABCD people by miamivice.

More of C people chiming in.

(C) (C)

(C) (C) (B) (C) Deafmission1 used to be cool but not anymore when she started attacking Bulldog and here she is attacking Violet.

(B) More personal attack towards Violet by Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman.


Pathetic B and C people cyber mobbing a person!

Cowardly!!!What a surprise! Fairytales9 is telling these B and C people to calm down and to remember what had happened to Deaf White Rose!!!

Hey bitch whore FREKKY YO FAILED.

You dumb horrorx

motherfuck you liar!!! how sad you never have a job .. you using mindless which never learning and lifeless to  you watch porn website much

. You lie not disgusted on porn sex.. u obsession frekky pig pink taco …you will enjoying frekky naked I bet. I don’t think so u disgusted frekky naked..

hello DVTV brainwash members(edits)5/23/2019

Hello fuck off you .. frekky you mad mad&$£#]¥#%%……Chewbacca you mad mad …..deafmission1 you mad mad …..BTM you mad mad …… crazycoffeewoman…… mad mad…….zack1324 you mad mad……lovegreentx you mad mad…….fairytale9 you mad mad…. …  horrorx you mad mad………jala you mad mad……lassie68 you mad mad ……    danwilly81  you mad mad ….. Deafmermaid   you mad mad……  deaffreedom you mad mad …. purplegecko you mad mad…. GBX you mad mad…. refused blocked voliet that why!! Smh .. quit childish oh please grow up! ( edit) voliet is baiter champ motherfuck.., and they do mindless about block or hide.. they should been move on long times  unfortunately they chose not to block or hide.. how  dvtv  are awful behaves…

Whoa Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman!

Temper tantrum much, fat cow?


Nice try, Joseph A. Bader!

I got the information from when you filed a ☞restraining order against me?!!

Image result for animated gif liarThere is no restraining order against me!

I got the information from thisthen I typed in your ☞name.
Own it up already, Joey boy!!!
Confession’s good for the soul!!!

Game-Over aka

deafghOster’s post for me in Vidme.

My comment for deafghOster


Joseph A. Bader’s avatar!

Image result for animated gif nodding yes

So you are still lying about me being a child molester, eh,

OK Joey boy!

Image result for Jordan GreaneyTake a look at what was said about you by Jordan Greaney aka Deafsnake
Funny thing, ☞you, Joseph A. Bader used to live in the same town Jordan Greaney lives in.
So Jordan Greaney was telling the truth then?!!

Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman, belated

gift for ☞you.
Image result for animated gif pointing down

Happy Mother’s Day,
Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman.

In your case, Karen Hogston,

Image result for animated gif burning in hell Image result for animated gif satan laughing 

Image result for hypocrite
Related imageLie #1
Related imageLie #2
Related imageLie
Related imageLie #4

Image result for devil poking with pitchfork gif Image result for animated gif pointing

Image result for animated gif bars dividers fire


Looky Karen Hogston the liar!

ASLfreedom did not lie!Yo bitch! Image result for animated gif shame on you

You owe ASLfreedom an apology!


Unbelievable what Karen Hogston said

Image result for animated gif surprised
Yo Karen Hogston!
Remember ☞this?
Point at ☞yourself first
before you point at someone else!

One more for you, ☞Karen Hogston!


Ahorrorxc2a0-c2a0deafvideo-tv-2Hey HORRORX

Did you know you are pervert too??  I have seen your video about porn story .. you obsessing sex porn  I believe because no one want your fucking ugly body and face

For Frekky the

Image result for animated gif cow mooingfat cow

Look at Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman going all

Image result for animated gif cow mooing

klutz, Bearon and Joseph A. Bader in Rebel Posts.

Remind you of somebody?!!

Common tactics used by cyberstalkers are performed in public forums, social media or online information sites and are intended to threaten a victim’s earnings, employment, reputation, or safety.

Behaviors may include encouraging others to harass the victim and trying to affect a victim’s online participation.

Many cyberstalkers try to damage the reputation of their victim and turn other people against them.

Cyberstalking may include false accusations, monitoring, making threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, or gathering information in order to harass.

A repeated pattern of such actions and harassment against a target by an adult constitutes cyberstalking.

Cyberstalking often features linked patterns of online and offline behavior. There are consequences of law in offline stalking and online stalking, and cyberstalkers can be put in jail.

Cyberstalking is a form of cyberbullying.

Read the comments!

Image result for animated gif washing mouth out with soap
It’s a ☞hoot!!!

One of the D people.

Th3Harold hacker – DEAF VIDEO VLOGS✲✲✲✲✲✲✲✲✲✲✲✲✲✲✲✲✲✲

What an asshole Eric Martinson is, eh?

Questions from MentalFeed

Find out your true fact ☞here

OH? Is that so. GhostBikerX?!!

It’s all 4 of you dirty minded men who are sickos.

Joseph A. Bader, GhostBikerX for allowing HorrorX to sexually harass the women in the deaf community on your website, you edoedo for saying “Good job”

Good one ☞from DVTVard4

DVV owner


You have health problem therefore u use cane walk protect a fell in background. I hope u are sick and dead then DVV will shut down motherfuck…. your site is dumbfuck  low essential

Me and hereeeesjohnny123





Shatner v The Gremlin

Image result for fortune telling machine twilight zone gifImage result for twilight zone man in the bottle


Night of the Meek









The Outer Limits

Twilight Zone










Such a gorgeous and charming man that hereeeesjohnny123 was! 
Yo C people, ☞Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman, fuck you bitch and fuck you too,
you bastard, Eric Martinson!


You? Opened minded good Christian?
Image result for animated gif i dont think soImage result for oh come on gif
Image result for excuse me animated gif Image result for shaking finger no animated gif Image result for huh?Proof you, Karen Hogston are nothing but a liar!

DeafMermaid aka Karen Lynn Hogston made a post for the owner of DeafVideo.TV, Brian Tayler Mayer asking him if he had noticed erikdiamond had edited the words “☞common sense” out in his video comment?!!

Karen Lynn Hogston herself said she doesn’t know him yet she made terrible lies, accusing erikdiamond of hacking and saying, he’s filthy and warning Brian Tayler Mayer to better be careful, he is very very very dangerous, he preaches but is a hypocrite and he targets women.

Then Karen Hogston turned her head and said, “Hi, go ahead and target me more” to erikdiamond.

Again, no one stood up for erikdiamond when Karen Hogston made serious false accusations against him!

Yo, bitch! erikdiamond is right! You need help!

These ☞C people! They just run wild with cyberstalking, cyber-harassing and cyber mobbing the good people in DeafVideo.TV and Brian Tayler Mayer has done nothing to stop it despite the pleas of the people who were being attacked by ☞them!

Yo Karen Hogston!

Image result for animated gif pointing

You were saying deafsnake?!!

Only Axe’s vidme account

How rude of you, edoedo!

This nice gentleman, kazio63 asked you a question and you have yet answered him?!

Title of Kirk Winkler’s post in DeafVideo.TV

Related imageRelated imageUnfortunately, Kirk Winkler got nothing to back it up.
All talk with no evidence.

Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman’s question.


Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman is using her dildo while watching her daughter, Nikki Winkler, her Told you Pope aka Kirk Winkler is a stalker!son, Kirk Winkler (Pope) and their daddy having incestuous sex.

Rest in peace,

Related image☹ ☞Grumpy CatImage result for animated gif cat heaven

Bucky Raymond’s post in YouTube, published on Aug 19, 2016

Image result for animated gif pointing down

edoedo lying about me in his video on

Begin Hello everyone
edoedo admitted he lied, said he’s just egging ☞me on. Image result for animated gif looking up and down

edoedo aka Bucky Raymond’s

Image result for animated gif thinkingImage result for animated gif waving

Making defamatory statement through sign language

Dawn Huffman Molane Wrinkles two divorces!

Hey dawn malone huffman

W A T C H O U T !! you are nasty woman damn bitch attention whore wow!

haha …. dumbfucker dvtv!! ..please kayhyfan please more attention whore in DVTV but it’s actually uneducated to DVTV .. everyone in DVTV should should showing semi naked . They r against religions over and over!!! Yet still pointless. You choose not hide and block.. that uneducated DVTV members are fuck low life and attention whore .. geez!!


Joseph A. Bader’s YouTube

Look at Deb Varino’s

about deaf people hurting another deaf people. Deb Varino was one of the people in DVTV cyber mobbing other DVTVers who were not part of the clan alongside Joseph A. Bader/zack1324 and Dawn N. Huffman/Frekky.
The video I am talking about is this which shows proof Related imageDawn N. Huffman/Frekky,
Michael S. Curry/deafghOster and Joseph A. Bader/zack1324 all lied Image result for animated gif lie nose growingabout me owning Deafwars.Look at Deb Varino’s comment for Joseph A. Bader/zack1324, saying I am involved in criminal activity with GhostBikerX. Such defamation, slandering, and libel.

Yo lard-ass ho, question for Kirk Winkler aka Pope,

His girlfriend, Vikingwoman or 
his sister, Nikki M Winkler?

Hacker at Deaf Video TV so DG is working for – deaf people.Back at you fat cow,

Egomaniac, Vikingwoman

Champ! KGB’s hit man for Kirk Winkler!

Yo fat cow, an eye for an eye.

Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman making a personal attack on

Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman/Frekky reminding Harold Ambeau/Xoldie/Th3Harold on what he had said before if anybody needs an IP Addresses of any persons, just go ask him and he will give it to them.

So Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman/Frekky asked Harold Ambeau/Xoldie/Th3Harold for Apple’s IP Address.

Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman/Frekky’s plan is to give Apple’s IP Address to someone (deafghOster) so he can go ☞destroy Apple’s computer.

Disturbing how there was evidence of ☞cyber crimes planned by Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman against Apple yet nobody said anything and the owner of the website, Brian Tayler Mayer did nothing


Check out ☞Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman’s comment about personal attacks towards families for Fairytales9 and edoedo.

Whoo! Hoo! Sure got a lot of C people mad!

edoedo’s ☞video and
Jala’s comment.

Dumb ass, edoedo~

ABCD~Guess who the

Check out the video to see what the B and C people usually do.The B and C people are:

Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman
Joseph A. Bader
Karen Lynn Hogston
Eric Martinson
Peh Peh
Kirk Winkler
mr lion
205 fistbumps!
theImage result for Dpeople who do the dirty work for the C people are,

Harold Ambeau/Xoldie/Th3Harold
Dirty Boy

Beware! deafghOster is back working for ☞them!

Yo Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman,

zack1324 and Frekky’s post in – Deaf people.UH OH! Kirk Winkler’s sibling, Nikki Winkler’s Serious Criminal Records! Interesting!

Good one by DeVon Carter for Kirk Winkler!!!

See? It’s what I was

talking ☞about!
That fat cow, Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman constantly goes around slandering and defaming people regarding their sex life!!! Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman, you’re a disgusting piece of shit!

I for one don’t believe a word Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman said about Ted and Dottie!
Hate crimes

Pic of a naked person

Wait a minute Zazzy7!

Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman said Bulldog was having an incestuous relationship with her mother so Bulldog threw what

Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman herself said about her son and daughter back in her face.

Check out what ☞EricNormal said to Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman.

See what the fat cow said about me and my brothers.

Fairytales9, you telling

Image result for sign language stop


Well, how about you

For Joseph A. Bader

Karen Lynn Hogston,

How about you leave now?

Image result for animated gif hanging noose

More evidence Bulldog

is telling the truth about Pope aka Kirk Winkler is a stalker and had been inboxing and/or emailing to her and her wife.
Read below at what Pope aka Kirk Winkler did.
Look at what Pope aka Kirk Winkler did to ☞Slyfox68’s wife.
It’s evidence Bulldog has been telling the truth about Pope aka Kirk Winkler.

Had to post this again after this

shocking behavior of people doing nothing about ☞Karen Hogston’s blatant lies.
Another ☞lie by Karen Hogston!
Well! Well! Well!
Looks like Karen Hogston thinks you all dumb fucks, eh?!!

Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman, Joseph A. Bader, Deafsnake, and Karen Lynn Hogston are 4 of the biggest liars, slanders and defaming people in DeafVideo.TV and ☞nobody did or say anything while the other people who are not part of their clan are constantly being called liars?!!
That’s bullshit!

Karen Hogston aka DeafMermaid’s

demeaning post about and Karen Lynn Hogston aka DeafMermaid said ☞this?Karen Hogston is full of shit for sure!!!

Look at Eric Martinson’s comment about

Edit Post ‹ Mostly about cyber stalking deaf people — WordPress comhereeeejohnny123’s legacy.

Look at the dumb fuck

Pay attention edoedo and read slowly:
Look what I got in email about edoedo’s post
There, do you see it saying I got email from you, dumb ass? Nope!
KLutz’s comment for edoedo in his former website, SLVLOGS

Image result for animated gif smiley laughing

deafghOster’s spycam watching website owners talking to each other.
Harold Ambeau/Xoldie/Th3Harold’s comment.
Evidence: Note the “went in a very private conversation
So funny how edoedo said this.It’s ☞edoedo who is not to be trusted!


much, eh, Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman?!!
Related imageLie #1. Rayline a cat abuser~
Related imageLie #2. Me being a child molester~
Related imageLie #3. T- Shirtman a murderer~
Related imageLie #4. 2matSeattle is mentally ill~

Alarming and disturbing of you, Dawn
N. Winkler-Huffman to be saying,
children who was a victim of sexual
molestation liked it.

So your daughter, Nikki liked being
sexually molested by her daddy and
her brother, Pope aka Kirk Winkler
Is your grandchildren next, I wonder?!!

Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman asking

and here is Brian Tayler Mayer’s verification☜***************************************************

Karen Hogston using the word, DANGEROUS

to describe erikdiamond.Karen Hogston called me a dangerous person too and lied about me stealing other people’s IP addresses.

What a sick lying bitch, Karen Hogston is!



Look at what ☞Karen Hogston said!!!
Full of shit isn’t she?
Karen Hogston is one of the
biggest slanderers in DeafVideoTV!

Watch erikdiamond’s comment!

Image result for animated gif laughingHe’s ☞funny! I am so laughing my head off!
Look how conceited that ☞slut,Karen Hogston is thinking he wants her?!!
Good on erikdiamond!!!Image result for animated gif cheering

More people like him are needed to stand up to them losers!!!

Joke of the day!

Image result for animated gif laughingRelated imageRelated image

Karen Hogston/DumbuglyslutMermaid,

Is it worth for u to be a slander by making defamation about me using “Pop” soda (glass bottle) as dildo during my high school time just to get the fame for urself; ur name? Of course not.
I’m here to make u look bad by saying that u love to be the slander & tried to get the fame for urself & at the same time tried to ruin my reputation with ur defamation that u said that I used “Pop” soda (glass bottle) as dildo during my high school time.
Now I’ve to say that I really have no idea of how long u used “Pop” soda (glass bottle) as ur dildo in ur high school time. I guess, maybe u began to use “Pop” soda as dildo during ur Freshman; ninth grade? & from ninth grade on meaning that u used it in every year of ur high school time. I wonder, how often u used that “Pop” soda (glass bottle) as ur dildo during ur high school years. I’m not surprised that u used “Pop” soda (glass bottle) as ur dildo frequently like weekly for all four yrs. in ur high school. Mentally, emotionally & spiritually S-I-C-K-O… No wonder u never learn to have a little more education to gain a little higher intelligent quotient.
U’ve always been & will always be the low intelligent quotient for the rest of ur life. Too bad for u!

How did you know, Karen Hogston?

It’s Karen Hogston herself who did it! Jamming the bottle up her vagina!

Is that why your
boyfriend broke up with you, cunt?!!

Yo Karen Hogston,

Your video for me:
Whore Attention? Image result for pointing laughing gifImage result for animated gif laughing pointing
Image result for animated gif stupid slut
It’s not whore attention!

Look what I got in email about edoedo’s post.

The link says ☞
Well, isn’t that
, edoedo?!!
OK now, my question for you edoedo. Related image
Are you too scared to stand up to DeafMermaid aka Karen Hogston and call out on her obvious lies about erikdiamond or what?!!

Here it is Rayline!


Oh did she danced? I didn’t see her dancing. 
Related imageKaren Hogston, you said Rayline is jealous because you can dance?!!
Breaking news for you!
Rayline ain’t jealous at all because you can’t dance worth a shit, ☞cunt!!!

For erikdiamond,

His comment about Karen Hogston which I wholeheartedly agree!

erikdiamond, I need to warn you there’s a possibility you might get an inbox message from a person who calls himself,

deafghOster. His name is either, Micheal Scott Curry or George Gregory Johnson.

What deafghOster does is to do the dirty work for people like Karen Hogston, Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman, Kirk Winkler, edoedo, Joseph A. Bader and their friends when they are mad at people who stood up to them.

Check out this post and click on the links for more information on how these people operate.

Sincerely, Vicki.

P.S. Check out this asshole, edoedo