An apology for you, edoedo, because

Image result for animated gif waving hiedoedo! Remember when you inboxed me at DVTV asking if anybody had said anything about you and I said no, nobody did.

Well, Image result for animated gif I lied Somebody did say something about you.

AudiRS6 aka deafghOster aka George Gregory Johnson said you’re a dirty nasty man because you asked him if he could help you find women you could talk to in chat room because you were

bored Google Search. There Google Search Now I am guilt free Google Search!

Image result for animated gif tiny angelConfession is indeed good for the soul! Why don’t you try it?


8 thoughts on “An apology for you, edoedo, because

  1. Sneaking off inboxing u & asking u questions was not what he should do to himself & his wife. He should have asked u questions in public rather than inbox. Oh my! My dear Sweetie, whenever I talk about him, it really makes me feel real very uncomfortable because he’s not my kind of friend. I don’t talk to him at all as if he’s not existed. Smiling…

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  2. Thumbup #2, Hello there! U mean Edoedo? Huh? If so, oh my dearest sweet friend, I never feel comfortable watching his post so I always ignore his post. Never want to watch his post because I feel that he & I are not in the same crowd or circle of friends. I look at him as if he’s not existed. That’s very simple & good! Smiling…

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  3. Smiling from ear to ear… Oh yes!! SWEET!! It’s not worthy to tell one white lie, but tell all the truth w/all ur love & mighty! BRAVO!! Got ur white lie out of u & told all the truth w/ur love!! Oh yes!! SWEET!!! Love u more & I always know that u really do have very strong love in ur heart, mind & spirit daily!!

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