“Video for DM”

Image result for dividers blackImage result for deafvideotv deafspiderExplain this to me

Didn’t really like how he was all air slapping my face. 2nd vlog-

Can you make me understand? with the link to his youtube channel. 

I didn’t like how edoedo said, “Make it clear”.

Bucky RaymondBucky Raymond
Published on Nov 7, 2016 – 
Make it clear  

Check out the comments between Image result for small arrow pointing rightusLater on I got a copy of zack1324’s “Video for DM” and gave the link to edoedo, zack1324 and Frekky.

Starlight StarbrightStarlight Starbright-This will show proof that GhostBikerX did not crash Th3Harold’s website. Shame on you edoedo!!!!  http://tinyurl.com/o3gj7ly

Starlight StarbrightStarlight Starbright-Have you finally figured out what it has to do with you?

Starlight StarbrightStarlight Starbright-Btw, was it clear?

Image result for deafvideotv zack1324Zack Morris

Starlight StarbrightStarlight Starbright-Sweet of you to be praying for deafghOster  http://tinyurl.com/o3gj7ly

Image result for deafvideotv frekkyDawn Huffman-Published on Jun 19, 2016-Come and join rebelposts and talk. Let’s see who’s really innocent. Who’s telling the truth. Who’s really victims. Which are you- brave or chicken?

Starlight StarbrightStarlight Starbright-You asking who’s really innocent. Who’s telling the truth. Who’s really victims? Really? OK, put your money where your mouth is. http://tinyurl.com/o3gj7ly

Image result for dividers black


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