zack1324 and deafghOster went in Deaf Video Vlogs.

Frekky’s vlog at dvtv, “DeafBiker’s website is not safe anymore”
Not safe, eh?
Oh yeah! Because of Frekky, zack1324 and deafghOster from dvtv!
Well, not too sure I understand it fully when Image result for deafvideo vlogsGhostBikerX explained how it was done in the video he made which unfortunately he had deleted.
Something about stealing our email addresses and it was used to get in the private group. Yoo Hoo Rayline...feel safe? LOL!
zack1324 took this from DVV and posted it in DVTV.

Yoo Hoo Rayline…feel safe? LOL!  zack1324 Nov 12, 2016. 

Seriously why don’t you all just leave Rayline alone?!!!
deafghOster crashed Th3Harold’s Rebelposts whom GhostBikerX is being blamed for which made it an excuse for you guys from dvtv to hack into his website when all these times you all knew the real truth of who really did it.

 Image result for deafvideo vlogs Tayler Mayer,  Frekky Whiner doesn't want ugly truth----->,  zack1324 DG...she gonna bait you! haha....
edoedoImage result for deafvideo vlogs
Time oo:40-edoedo/deafspider said congratulation to those who broke in GhostBikerX’s website.
 God, you’re a pig, edoedo!

Deb Deb and deafghOster No Name.
Hello Robert...You mad bro? Lesson learned?“Video for DM”  Time 4:21 Right there zack1324 is telling deafghOster that he had told him over and over to go crash GhostBikerX’s website and deafwars repeatedly and he didn’t understand why deafghOster went and crashed Th3Harold’s website instead.
So funny that zack1324 told the fool, edoedo this >Time 01:40. zack1324 told edoedo/deafspider to be careful with GhostBikerX because he’s the one who crashed Th3Harold’s website, Rebelposts. He said a second person told him that it was him that did it, not deafghOster. He said yes it’s GhostBikerX that did it for sure.
Vlog I made at Deaf Video TV about the private group not being private then Tayler Mayer made 2 vlogs about it. Supposedly because Tayler thinks I made it up when I said the private group was being compromised? (It waszack1324’s friend  deafghOster who did it.

Thanks a lot Tayler! Proved you wrong, eh?

“Hackthis” Challenge
“Hackthis” Challenge

Someone won “Hackthis” ChallengeSomeone won “Hackthis” Challenge 

You never did thanked me, didn’t you? Like you did to

skbb, eh? break into private group and ASL group become admin  October 21, 2016 in DVTV Helpdesk 

Lovely vlog by Frekky-Thumbup

Image result for animated gif waving Tayler?

Image result for animated gif you're fucking welcome

Again I ask, zack1324, Frekky and the rest of you groupies, why the fuck don’t you all just leave Rayline the hell alone?!!!

This blog will be emailed to Tayler Mayer.

14 thoughts on “zack1324 and deafghOster went in Deaf Video Vlogs.

  1. ROFL at you, Vicki!! WRONG, WRONG!!! Who’s won “Hackthis” Challenge? Thats shadow Angel, DUH!!! Not me, or Zack or else….ONLY Shadow Angel did this when TH3 made a video and told that Shadow Angel showed to TH3 and proved Shadow Angel made it to hacked in Tayler’s “Hackthis” group, ROFL!!! Wanna bet, Vicki? Watch out for Shadow Angel might make new vlog if he watch this…..

    Hey Shadow Angel, you go ahead to make video for her and prove it to her that you did, right?


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