20 Posts Congratulations on writing 20 posts on deaf people.!

6 thoughts on “20!

  1. THUMBUP #2, I went to his site & left my comment for him & ask him about computer, desktop, I hope that I’ll be able to record video instead of upload. Oh hey, DVV & ur site are like under the same server? WordPress. As for DVV, I remember I made some videos. So I wonder, I like to make some videos myself here. I forgot how I made the videos in DVV? I need u to have something for me to click on or something I may make the videos just like DVV. Do u still remember how we could make the videos in DVV? I completely forgot how I did all those videos! Smiling… No upload video… Smiling… remember something like click on blue oval that’s for us to make our videos. I don’t recall what the words say in blue oval in DVV? I like for u to have the same blue oval so I may click on that to make videos! Smiling…

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  2. THUMBUP #2, ha ha ur cute GIF!! Am I correct that I need to click on ‘copy image’, when I want to make comments & posts? When I clicked on two copy image address’, I read that they showed in the words instead of GIFs so from now on I’ll click on ‘copy image’ for all comments & posts. Correct? Smiling… mwahs xoxo

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