Deadmau5 aka deafghOster,

Image result for animated gif leave him the fuck aloneTime for Avas MUST go jail! – Deadmau5 Nov 12, 2016

Image result for animated gif are you fucking kidding meImage result for animated gif wrongpointing-smiley-emoticonthe one who needs to go to jail!
screenshot-www-deafvideo-tv-2016-11-14-22-46-17Related imagescreenshot-www-deafvideo-tv-2016-11-18-10-24-51 Avas, are you threat Slyfox68 inbox? Deadmau5 Nov 12, 2016Image result for huh gif  

You Image result for animated gif kissing ass Slyfox68’s ass? 


Avas, Avas….you still FAILED AGAIN!! Deadmau5 Nov 12, 2016 

Image result for animated gif wrong

Image result for animated gif pointing you are the one who’s a Image result for animated gif you are a failure

9 thoughts on “Deadmau5 aka deafghOster,

  1. Thumbup #2, Smiling from ear to ear… I tried to say some things below, but changed my mind. It’s wise for me not to say anything more than what I’ve said. My feelings took me so far to say many things which were not good so u & I have different thoughts from that photo. Smiling…

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  2. Thumbup #2, ha ha cute GIF never mind a word “Bro”! ha ha Love that GIF!! U feel me!! ha ha Smiling… I always love dogs as I’ve always been a dog lover!! It looks like that dog may not be happy & needed something like affection or love? or may be a lost (stray) dog itself then it must be starved? It may need to be adopted? I can see that that man is not that dog owner because of his clothes & his left hand didn’t touch that dog. Ugh I sure hope that it was not the stray dog!! Oh my! Ugh pout

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  3. Thumbup #2, ha ha I like to see that I keep my emotion, mental & spirit calm down or in self control w/o the needs of the feelings of losing self control. Peace & Love are like calm down or in self control. Anyone who loses control of self control must feel something unpleasant like losing the feelings of calm down or peace or love? Smiling… It’s not good to see anyone including myself, when we choose to lose self control of our emotions, mental & spirit. Smiling… mwahs xoxo Smiling…

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  4. Rayline,
    shut up (or shut someone up)
    phrasal verb of shut
    stop (or cause someone to stop) talking.
    “just shut up and listen”
    synonyms: be quiet, keep quiet, hold one’s tongue, keep one’s lips sealed; stop talking, quiet (down); informalkeep mum, button it, hush up, shut it, shut your face/mouth/trap, put a sock in it, give it a rest, save it
    “will you please shut up so we can hear the movie?”

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  5. Thumbup #2, ha ha love another funny GIF like “Shut up” Do u know what Shut up means?” ha ha So funny! ha ha laughing out loud mwahs xoxo w/all my love always Smiling…

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