brakeakfast and the bugers


2 thoughts on “brakeakfast and the bugers

  1. Starlight Starbright 1 second ago
    And your spelling is horrid! What an embarrassment!!!


  2. zack1324’s post published on Nov 22, 2016 at YouTube
    Ivan Shevchenko’s threatening statements.
    Zack Morris
    Copied from Deafwars site where Ivan aka Avas left a ugly comments toward to Democrat voters and Deafwompride too.
    Starlight Starbright1 second ago
    You’re such an idiot!
    It’s you that made the most threatening statement than he has ever done!!!
    You lie a lot! Sick bunch of people you are.
    Amsterdam Cafe
    349 Main St, Amsterdam, MO 64723, USA
    Phone: (660) 267-3388


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