edoedo/Deafspider, saw your vlog, NY boy!

I was surprised you didn’t let the blame fall on me. Why did you not???

Yes, I no like you anymore. Not after the vlog you made about GhostBikerX and his gang. That was really low of you. I’ve done nothing wrong to you either.

Then you surprised me with this vlog not blaming me. But I am still angry at you.

Letting GhostBikerX get the blame for crashing Th3Harold’s website when you knew the truth after I send you the “Video For DM” by zack1324.

Also you cheering that GhostBikerX got his website hacked into by zack1324. Really low of you!!

About Avas. I like him. I think he’s a sweet person. Not once have I ever seen any of you treat him with kindness.

I think it’s so funny about the inbox thing!!! deafghOster did the same thing and none of you said a word!!! Funny how it’s the bullies that’s getting the inbox surprises now!!!

You asking Avas why? What about GhostBikerX too? Why?


Look. I repeating had been getting nasty inboxes surprises by deafghOster when I was in dvtv. All ordered by zacky boy, I’m sure.

Also it was send to the people who stood up for me.

So I don’t pity you bullies!

And you guys start being nice to Avas! Give him a break!!!

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