zack1324 / Zack Morris said

13 hours ago  there’s no such thing as “proof”

Image result for really gif

Hippo any proofs? I do!Image result for pointing laughing gifImage result for arrow pointing down gif

2MATSEATTLE, I challenge u to prove us! zack1324 Jun 10, 2016

Got any proof? then STFU–> zack1324 Jun 11, 2016

Prove my case! she still lurking–> zack1324 Jul 30, 2016

Hippo man…got any proofs? I do! zack1324 Nov 20, 2016

Zack MorrisImage result for pointing laughing gif There you go again, hacky zack1324!!!

Zack Morris Zack Morris 35 minutes ago

You just proved yourself, stalker! LOL Jokes on you..heroin head.

Here, go refresh yourself.

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