Miapotsky’s concern.

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Why havent you made all members show their real names? You havent!!!!!!! why ME

My Account

you re doing unfair with me, I ve no privacy in my facebook, anyone can steal my name and have it as Fraud theif ID which I had one in past. I want my name back “Mia Potsky” instead of real name. for my own safety. You didnt make everyone change to their real name as I ve seen alot of them. you treat me UNFAIR.
Asked about 2 years ago by Marie Pothorski
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Special thanks to ShadowAngel!Well, as one of your people love to say,

FYI Its a PUBLIC info..2 words for you…bad karma. zack1324 November 4, 2016 


Image result for animated thinkingFunny you said that, Mia. Remember this?
Mia Potsky YouTube Mia Potsky 

1 month ago C-link

wow thanks to Kaboom for the address….and she could call me at 982-732-4824!

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