Superdeafpride wished me luck

Wow! I just found out something funny… Good Luck! Remember that I TOLD you on Deaf Wars. Sad that you ignored my advice!


Social Invite Ad Partner-2:43 pm-New Bang Community Openings, Here is Your Chance to Date-YOUR PROFILE IS APPROVED! Your Invitation Is Ready!-Now you can login and find a date today.!-Want to meet me? Login here-You get taken to the member section

F*ckBuddyMsg-5:41 pm-Re:You-just-received a-new-secret-F*ckbuddy-request. 

Nothing new.Look at this.

DeafHawk62 Sep 4, 2016 Ladypiratedeaf is very sick person! 

Same name used on mingle2, Ladypiratedeaf. Posted by kaboom aka zack1324.

zack1324 aka kaboom got busted by deafghOster

4 thoughts on “Superdeafpride wished me luck

  1. How did you know?
    I can’t believe it either!!!
    Won $2.000.00 at the casino!!!
    Going to be busy shopping x-mas presents for everybody!!!


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