zack1324 said,

over at Demented Vloggers TV along side with

Image result for animated gif mouth talking:Frekky(7), Deafspider(2), DaniWilly81(2), mr lion(2) and EricMartinson(1) Image result for don t be cry gif According to Frekky’s profile. Image result for satan pointing down gif


So, start What’s the big deal 

anyway?  Share your video with the vloggers and viewers at Deaf Video TV,

which is about your conversation with

It’s rather eye-opening and educational.

It’s not good manners to refuse sharing with the others.
So Frekky and I say start

Image result for walking gifwith the
Image result for truth gif

 Image result for hallelujah gif

 Image result for waving gifbandicam-2016-11-21-18-27-22-579 Frekky,

Truth ugly gerard butler katherine heigl the ugly truth gif


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