deafghOster is saying to himself…

Image result for animated gif i agree

Another of his cowardly acts, eh?

deafghOster uses this


3 thoughts on “deafghOster is saying to himself…

  1. ROFL….Thats why I use Tor for reason is protect my puter’s data information. So fuck you, and grow up, Vicki…..bitch! I do nothing with you so far since been not posts on here for a month or so and plus ignore you too, Hahaha. you still keeps clawing on me, again?….I am still ignore you so far and now you still screaming on me for what, WTF?! Sighs. I’m win, not you. Hahaha. Look at your blogs are bullying and abusing along. Well, you will be sorry. Your life will be short time, very soon.

    Now, look at my ip address…..ROFL at you.

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