No way!!! Seriously?


Image result for animated gif gosh thank you guys!!!

15 thoughts on “No way!!! Seriously?

  1. THUMBUP #2, ha ha ur other cute & funny comment again as usual!! Smiling from ear to ear… How have u been lately? I’m sure that u’ve always been very busy day by day & almost all night by almost all night. Smiling… as u’re still up at that hour now. I’m going to bed anytime now. Smiling… Good Night, my dear sweet & best friend & angel! Smiling… MWAHS XOXO Smiling…

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  2. THUMBUP #2, Oh OK, Deaf People is our group! We all are family! Smiling… I really enjoy coming here to send my “family”& u my msgs., GIFS & GIPHYS, etc. Trying to find many new, cool & funny GIFS & GIPHYS to give each others some great boosts. That’s what family is for! Smiling… MWAHS XOXOXO Smiling…

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  3. Congratulations!! Smiling… Oh I forgot to click on “post comment”. I plan to make many more blogs, GIFS & GIPHYS here in ur Deaf People! Smiling… mwahs xoxo Smiling…

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  4. Ohh I forgot to tell you about Avas is in jail already. Don’t you see where Avas did not make any post on his Youtube and his website since a week, eh? ROFL! Now you are next very soon within 1-2 week from today. Oh well, good luck, Vicki. NO BS!


  5. Thumbup, let you know, you will get the letter from the court very soon (between 1-2 week from today), I am not lie, serious. So good luck, Vicki.


  6. Superdeafpride,
    Care to explain this?
    Those hits always being a repeat people!
    You’re saying same people view my posts?
    Why shame on me? I am not responsible for the same people who keeps viewing my posts.

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