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8 thoughts on “From chatty

  1. I forgot to ask. I am still waiting for your answer. I asked if I can have 1000.00 from you since you made a good sell on your site. And the answer is? Still waiting.


  2. Again I say I got no groupies.
    I could careless about your site.
    Why do you want me to go look for anyway? Going to check out the link you got for me.


  3. You asking me why I want to crap on you so badly?
    LOL! I don’t do no crapping on you!! It’s you that did a lot of crapping on me.
    Groupies? Coping my talk, eh?
    Just like zack1324, Frekky and Th3Harold all copy my talk!
    Anyway I have no groupies. I do alone. It’s me myself and I.
    You ask how come no one can find you.
    I didn’t know people are looking for you? Who’s looking for you anyway?
    Sup with the number 258?
    Again I say I do alone. No groupies for me like you.

    You got to be kidding!!!
    Anyway, what do you mean I crapped on you? I did not do any crapping.
    It’s you that did a lot of crapping on me.
    You sure copy zack1324’s talk? As a matter of fact you all talk alike. There is no idivrally among you peiple.


  4. yea I’m always blah blah…BUT nope, you’re WRONG! You keeps blah blah on your OWN BLOG all day, SEE?! DUH! ROFL….let me tell you something about me….I’m NOT exist…because no one has never see me before around in USA, eh? ROFL!!!! How come no one could find where is my names and where am I live, hmm? Every one have hard time to looking for my names and where do I live for FIVE years, hmm? Thats why you always keep post about my face on public, why? Hmm….my mind is just popped up and wondering about you wants crap on me so badly, are you, hm?? 258. Man, I love to see every one always try to puzzle who am I and where I live…….NEVER FOUND FOR FIVE YEARS?? ROFL!!! Oh well, good luck, Vicki and your trash groupies.

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