Inbox messages at Deaf Video TV

frekky-deafvideo-tvFrekky’s nasty vlog at Deaf Video TV. – Agreed with her about having 2matseattle banned from DVTV
bandicam-2016-11-21-18-27-22-5791 Yo Frekky!!! First of all the inbox messages was not from 2mattseattle. You all know that I’m sure! I think it was send by deafghOster 
aka AduiRS6 add-new-post-deaf-people-wordpress at
Th3Harold’s former website, Rebelposts 
aka Deadmau5 at Deaf Video TV
Time for Avas MUSTgo jail!Time for Avas MUST go jail! Deadmau5 Nov 12, 2016
Avas, are you threat Slyfox68 inbox?Avas, are you threat Slyfox68 inbox? Deadmau5 Nov 12, 2016
Avas, still FAILED AGAIN!!Avas, Avas….you still FAILED AGAIN!! Deadmau5 Nov 12, 2016 

The one who inboxed Bulldog at Deaf Video TV this.

And second of all. About the disrespect toward Tayler Mayer? What about Th3Harold?

deafvideo-tvmyrebel-deafvideo-tvHe said F$%K DVTV ?!!


warning-do-not-click-her-link-s-zack1324-deafvideo-tv(zack1324’s comment for me under Th3Harold’s video, DeafBiker59, Ivan and F$%K DVTV, at YouTube) deafbiker59-ivan-and-f-k-dvtv-youtube

And you not saying anything about him disrespecting Tayler Mayer? That’s fucked up and hypocritical!
You all lied and slandered the people who’s not part of your groupies by putting the blame on me, Bulldog, 2mattseattle and sundumbell.
Later on I saw the video posted by hillary-wins-scholastic-sundumbell-deafvideo-tvsundumbell at Deaf Video TV which had been removed. He said for sure it’s me doing the inboxing at Deaf Video TV. He said he could tell it was me by the way it was written. So it was confirmed it was me that had done it for sure.

Frekky vlogged about how she was right about it in the beginning when she told people it was me that had been sending inbox messages to the people at Deaf Video TV after sundumbell posted his vlog.

chsasldeafnews-deafvideo-tvIn the beginning when the people at Deaf Video TV said it was me sending the inbox messages, CHsASLDeafNews said he does not think it was me. Then later on he started to get nasty inbox messages too.. 
chsasldeafnews-deafvideo-tvThis one hurts me the most, I have known CHsASLDeafNews from a while back. We came from the same town and he used to hang around with my brothers. He thinks I had been inboxing him with the nasty message and he said he is no longer my friend.

Made me sick to my stomach thinking that he actually thinks I did this and said nasty stuff to him.

How and why do I think it’s thumbupnumbertwo-s-videos-vidme deafghOster that had done it? Because when I was a vlogger at Deaf Video TV. I got a lot of inbox messages from him under the username Mr_Anonymous. Below is the post he made for me at Deaf Video TV and my comment for him underneath his post.
Member for 4 months since Mar 10, 2016 Respect or Get Owned.

RE: Blah Blah | Mr_Anonymous | DeafVIDEO.TV

Image result for animated gif fuck you allCome one every one keep troll her!
 Jul 31, 2016

TaylerInfomedia, DeafVIDEO.TV and its advertiser(s) do not endorse any of the videos which appear on this site. Any opinion expressed on this …

Well! Well! Well! | Thumbup | DeafVIDEO.TV– Jul 31, 2016 – I think I recognize your grammar. Sup Humanism or whatever you’re calling yourself. http://

Same thing the people at Deaf Video TV said what the inbox messages looks like. Just text messages with a black background. 

There was this one with Th3Harold “singing” to me.

warning-do-not-click-her-link-s-zack1324-deafvideo-tvzack1324 often posted my inbox messages for thumbupnumbertwo-s-videos-vidmeMr_Anonymous at Rebelposts. The messages I send to him were often changed to something else at Rebelposts and my video pictures altered.  

For ASL, go here.

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