What is deafghOster doing

in DVTV?!!62783yo-apple-laugh-so-hard-at-you-bait-you-dtb-deafvideo-tvIsn’t deafghOster supposed to be banned as you, zack1324, said in your video?

The one with many many account in DVTV?! So you, zack1324, happened to be angry with someone, you had to go and drag deafghOster in to harass the vloggers?!! Like what you did when I was a vlogger at DVTV

Member for 4 months since Mar 10, 2016 Respect or Get Owned.

RE: Blah Blah | Mr_Anonymous | DeafVIDEO.TV

Image result for animated gif fuck you allCome one every one keep troll her!
29 Jul 31, 2016 –TaylerInfomedia, DeafVIDEO.TV and its advertiser(s) do not endorse any of the videos which appear on this site. Any opinion expressed on this …

Well! Well! Well! | Thumbup | DeafVIDEO.TV–Jul 31, 2016 – I think I recognize your grammar. Sup Humanism or whatever you’re calling yourself. 

and like what you did to Bulldog.just-ignore-bulldog-deafvideo-tv

Such a cowardly thing to do. Learn to fight your battles alone!!!

For ASL, go here.

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