blunt-frekky-deafvideo-tvFrekky, Quit being fakey fake!! Going blah blah blah about supporting the gay community!!

I left a comment for Th3Haroldbandicam-2016-11-24-21-42-16-428 about you all’s bullying Tshirtman and him doing nothing to stop it.



Look at my comment for Tshirtman telling him how sorry I am that he’s being bullied by you homophobia people!!!!


Here’s the proof of you all’s attacking Tshirtman and Th3Harold removing Tshirtman’s comments!!!

Look at the degrading remark by zack1324 zack1324-deafvideo-tv calling Tshirtman


and see what zack1324 said about Tshirtman’s comment not being allowed at Th3Harold’s?!!


Look at zack1324 mocking Tshirtman!!! And me calling zack1324 out!!!


deb-deafvideo-tv Deb being snide!!!!


When I got Tshirtman’s comments in gmail, I clicked on reply and came to find out Th3Harold had removed it!!! Below is 2 comments removed by Th3Harold. 

There’s proof you all have been bullying Tshirtman because he has HIV!!!


zack1324 did you threaten Tshirtman by saying you are going to find his doctor? 


You all are pathetic pieces of shit!!!

For ASL, go here.


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