thumbupnumbertwo-s-videos-vidme2aka George Gregory Johnson?Image result for animated gif looking up and down


Image result for animated gif bring it on and Image result for animated gif request denied

7 thoughts on “YOU THREATENING ME deafghOster

  1. Superdeafpride, you did not release about me inbox, oh yeah but I did not threat to you and I tell you to fuck off so not want you inbox me again so I already blocked you on my block list, understand Richard?


  2. Superdeafpride, Do you have Christmas in your country?
    Yeah I know. deafghOster did shit on Th3Harold too as well. He exposed Th3Harold’s people’s home in Texas at DVV and GhostBikerX yell what the hell? I do not understand this person at all!!! He got some serious problems!!!


  3. I noticed that DEAFGHOSTER is playing everyone games! MOFO! I am going to release what he did with me through DVTV Inbox and it will spread on my VIDME… He just act like KIDDIE! Get lost, DEAFGHOSTER!

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