Frekky’s (Dawn Huffman) disgusting vlog, What happened to Lamarcia40?

 So you have done this to the stacymcc41fake-suicide-or-real-suicide-lamarcia40-deafvideo-tv people twice?!! Pushing them to the point where they consider suicide like what you and zack1324 did to TaurusRose recently?!! I did not much care for the title of your vlog mocking TaurusRose. 

Image result for animated gif Excuse fucking meSO CALLED SUICIDE!!!! Image result for You bitch! Obviously you and zack1324 enjoyed cyberbullying TaurusRose to the point where she talked about suicide and left ASL Deaf Video TV by the way you vlogged this disgusting video  on the same day you made a vlog about!

RealityTVGIFs television real housewives gross real housewives of orange countyYour vlog about Lamarcia40 was really disgusting! Asking if she still alive? She all right? All the while laughing your head off. Saying it was fun. Really funny. Hilarious and you’ve seen and have been in a lot of chaos and hers the best of all? Then you waved your hand and said, Lamarcia40? Hope you see me?   All the while obscenely kissing your hand sign for I love you.

bandicam-2016-11-29-12-27-05-793 Sickening! Just absolutely sickening!!!

Deb? Good times?!!Image result for You bitch ReplyTo:   Frekky
Title:   good times good times

I read this somewhere – “There’s a lot of people who are gloating sadists. Many of them would get off on it if their harassment drove the person being cyber bullied into actually killing themselves” –  Is that you and zack1324? 

YouImage result for animated gif pointing laughing and zack1324 disappointed TaurusRose came back as DeafWhiteRose much stronger and fighting back, eh? Disappointed you and zack1324 failed twice in getting people you cyberbullied into committing suicide, huh?!!


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