Comment for me from Axe at my


My response for Axe and zack1324 in the above comment box outlined in black arrow and this too.

Axe’s response 


Axe’s video for me which I copied and posted it at my vidme account with translation from Axe’s ASL into English language.


Thumbupnumbertwo: Axe said: Hello. When I tried to inform you, the person named Thumbup aka Vicky Welch in Iowa.

I checked the comments then got email from someone telling me to go look. I went to Deaf Video Vlogs. I saw you say that I am deafghOster.

OH. Seems to me you Vicky can’t read comments clearly. Seems I more and more clearly understand you Vicky Welch.

Seems that when you read other people’s comments you in your mind confused OH. Interesting.

So you seem to only understand ASL. Your weakness is reading comments in English. That cause you to have miscommunication.

So clearly I understand that you are special needs. It means people who is weak or problem in your head.

So I go ahead and vlog telling you I am Axe and I am not deafghOster. I am called Axe yes I. deafghOster over there somewhere.

I go watch you trolling, labelling, bullying, defame for 2 years. Your comments posts everywhere. So I ask you to stop posting. If you don’t stop posting or vlogging many many lies lies.

If you do not stop I ” warning” warning understand sign warning warning? Not threatening understand? Separate. I do not threat people. I ask warning to you Vicky to stop. Remove Remove. Then start January 1st New Year I suggest you remove all old lies and start over clean. Make positive no stay negative negative negative.

So I put in sentence told you that if you don’t stop and I will give you hard time and hard life yes you Welch. Come on you old 60 years old. Whoa. You oldest enough to stop now.

Comments posts websites get old now. So I suggest you stop or else I will, image put your name in famous place that you will not like it and that my comment is not threat understand?

My message comment vlog is warn you understand?

Image result for animated gif yoohoovickythumbup-s-videos-vidmethumbupnumbertwo-s-videos-vidme2
blowmebitchImage result for your request
Image result for your request has been denied animated gif

Image result for animated gif happy new year

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