Rayline’s vlog at

Image result for yellow lines dividersRayline said she was happy to be able to talk freely in Deaf Video Vlogs – Deaf Private Site without the risk of Frekky, Fairytales9, Deafmermaid and zack1324 attacking her in Deaf Video. TV.

Then guess what? zack1324 and deafghOster hacked into Deaf Video Vlogs – Deaf Private Site and video copied Rayline’s video and posted it at You Tube and Deaf Video TV.

Note the title! See how zack1324 zack1324-deafvideo-tvwas mocking Rayline. Piece of shit that man.

This is the video of zack1324‘s response to Rayline’s private video.

Another video hacked from Deaf Video Vlogs – Deaf Private Site belonging to Cherub Geez,bandicam-2016-11-23-05-24-18-634 A memory video….Enjoy! zack1324 and left a link for the rest of the DVTVers to go to his YouTube channel to watch Cherub Geez’s video titled, “In Memory of Robin Gee AKA the Cheeseburger Low-IQ…..

Look at that nasty man edoedo congratulating the hackers. Bet you edoedo won’t be congratulating them if they hacked into his website, eh?

7 thoughts on “Rayline’s vlog at

  1. THUMBUP #2, it would be nice to see all hackers serving their long time in the prisons as they really do deserve to serve their long time in prisons. W/me, they’re very lucky that they don’t serve their long time in prisons. Ugh pout Drat! As for really sooo very ugly Edoedo, I didn’t feel comfortable watching his first vlog in DVTV so I just stopped watching all his vlogs. He’s not a real cool man. Goose bumps on my neck & back. He’s not my type of friend. I just never want to be bothered w/watching all his vlogs ever again. Whenever I see anyone who talks something like non-sense, it makes me losing interest in watching those kinds of ppl w/non-sense talks. They tend to have nothing to say, but non-sense which is truly deadly boredom. Smiling… ha ha laughing…

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