screen-shot-2014-05-01-at-1-04-58-pm and harassment-google-search from zack1324 and Frekky toward a person,Tshirtman, who have HIV.

zack1324-use-word-hiv-to-attack-personal-vidmeadd-new-post-deaf-video-vlogs-wordpressSee how in the beginning zack1324 did not know Tshirtman and was being hateful toward Tshirtman solely because Tshirtman vlogged about me being nice, saying nice things about me and my brothers.

zack1324 always has those hatred for me because I am the only one who never backed down when he made threats after another threats towards me along side with deafghOster aka George Gregory Johnson and Axe aka Garrett Carter.

When zack1324 found out through other vloggers about Tshirtman’s personal issue,

t-shirtman-you-are-a-liar-period-frekky-deafvideo-tvImage result for animated gif finger no

yo-melissa-yes-you-melissaaaaa-frekky-deafvideo-tvFrekky, You’re the liar and you committed hate crime by vlogging as you said “the facts”

Image result for animated gif tiny arrowthat-google-searchImage result for animated gif tiny arrow

zack1324 started to commit hate crime by doing all of this below.

zack1324 made good on his threat to Tshirtman and revealed his real name along side with

Image result for Th3Harold Th3Harold too with Frekky standing by and doing nothing to stop it.


Th3Harold got mad at me, note zack1324’s twitter comments for Th3Harold.


zack1324’s twitter video for Th3Harold. Excusing themselves for bullying Tshirtman.

zack1324 said: Good morning. Yes. I saw that. He already started the problem way back before you before me already problem you know that man Tshirtman what he made himself junk out by what vlog said he will kill you twice so someone (presumably deafghOster aka George Gregory Johnson) exposed his name and address and gave it to me and I posted it then Tshirtman chickened out removed his vlog with his ears pinned back. (Shrugs) You know threat to deafwormypride me no no. Kill at gallaudet. Low of him. I don’t blame you, you know. As for Thumbup (that’s me) She will forever look for excuse it’s ok for them to bully but it’s not ok for us to bully back. That’s Thumbup’s character. She thinks she is all that. Like I said she will die like that forever. Throw her away. Yes, Glen (Tshirtman) made a mistake. He used his username when he left a comment then he kept changing his username and I block him even I thank him for comment and he mad, yes I insulted him by saying Hiv man to make him shut the fuck up it worked and now he is going to you, see. They are starving for our attention and we easy flick them off. He’s faceless (it’s what they call people who blogs) He’s faceless, that mean his illness is getting worse worse. Ok Fine. No need for compassion for them. I applaud you brave flick them off and at the same time I know you tired of comments from us and them eyesore yes. That why notice I less response. Even I nice Merry christmas claw claw claw Merry Christmas wow. Stay strong fuck them.glenn-aka-tshitman-you-are-a-killer-zack1324-deafvideo-tv




zack1324’s response for me when I told him what he is doing is called Hate Speech


Including you, Frekky!!!

zack1324’s vlog for Tshirtman

zack1324 said:

I found out someone told me your name is (sign) GG known as tSHITman not Tshirtman.

You made a vlog in YouTube saying I made a personal attack towards you.

Well, yes I did. Let’s go back. You called me a racist.

Honestly, you having HIV has nothing to do with racism.

I’m not talking about the color of your skin.

You’re white and I am white.

You dumb fuck.

You’re not smart calling me a racist.

Anyway now, I despite you yes because you have HIV.

You forgot, remember last summer late summer remember you?

You vlogged you want to kill deafwormypride at gallaudet.

You said that from your face to her face through vlogging.

You the top worse person I have ever seen, so what I do?

I made a vlog exposing your real full name and your home address so they can go against you for making verbal threat on line.

So I went ahead and exposed your real name and your home address finish fuck you.

Any one who makes that threat is below our level.

Throw you away.

You removed the comment then you went after me leaving comments under my comments.

Threat Threat Threat me.

I save every comments.

So what I do? I call you the HIV Man and you got mad and upset saying that I made a personal attack towards you.

(Shrugs) Deal with it, HIV Man.

I no call others HIV just you. You. Hate crime you. You. Yes. Hate people you. Yes. Threat kill kill kill you. Yes. You said that vlog. You said that text too.

I finish report.

Now you vlog showing your face. Good Good Good. Keep going. Keep going.

Calling me a racist. Kissfist you dumb fuck.

No one will buy your story except thrashers who will believe you.

Hurry up and be gone.

No one will care about you..  

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