You’re wrong

Fairytales9! My friends do not owe me any explanation of their past and/or present behavior!!!

LOL! Let me guess! Good ole

Zack Allen Morris went and dug up the information and gave it to you, eh?

11 thoughts on “You’re wrong

  1. THUMBUP #2, yes, I really like to see that I really need to be cool & easygoing & let SICKO ppl see how much compassionate I’ve for them so they all should be able to see how much love I’ve for them even they’re truly filthy bitches/bastards. Smiling from ear to ear… I always look at them as my so called Brothers/Sisters & nothing more than Brothers/Sisters til I see that they show their true love for me by saying their apologies for what they had done to me. Smiling from ear to ear… Hugging u & many more & sweeter HUGSSS w/all my eternal love, my dearest truly sweet loving friend & sis. Smiling from ear to ear… MWAHS XOXO Smiling…


  2. THUMBUP #2, cute comment such as “Shocking how people would go and tell lies!” It has not been shocked to me for such a long time. I’ve known & seen that FuckingUglyTellTales9 LOVES TO TELL ALL THE FUCKING LIES OVER & OVER AGAIN. Her screen name should be FuckingUglyLiar&TellTales9. ha ha laughing… She’s not only one, but Frekky, Zack & now GhostBikerX. I’ve been thinking about making a post about a liar, GhostBikerX. He’s truly gross like them. Remember, I told u a vlogger who sent me his msg. inbox in DVTV not very long time ago, I need to reply to him because he said that he helped GhostBikerX by having me banned which is not true at all. I’m only one who embarrassed him out in the public that made him banned me. If not for him banning me, I would have kept on asking him for the letter that he said he got from DVV server about the list that may cause DVV the loss of having DVV. He got it in email. I asked him I wanted to see that letter & see what the list that DVV server has, but he didn’t want to say in his last vlog & he said that I asked him for his fucking stupid email addy while I never ask for it. He’s full of lies like the others. That shucks!


  3. THUMBUP #2, I forgot to add few more things to my original comment about my arrest. I was on my side of the alley by the side of my backyard & that old stupid bitch was in my way while I cleaned the alley. She lives second houses up the North from the house on the different street. That house is across from mine by the alley. When the police officers & I were on my side of the alley, I told one of them that she was in my way on my side of the alley. She should not be in my way while I cleaned the alley. He still arrested me for no good reason. I’ve seen some bad police officers here since I first moved in here. Suppose the woman filed the suit in the court, I would have filed for counterclaim “count suit” against the police officers for arresting me for no good reason & as for old filthy bitch as troublemaker. The police officer said that when she doesn’t file the suit, the record of mine will be dismissed & it was already dismissed & no record for me in the Police Dept. I should have filed suit against the police officers for arresting me for no good reason, but I didn’t want to make my name broad on the front page in the newspaper. My name would be on the front page w/o any doubt, suppose I chose to file suit against the Police Dept. I’m not that kind of smelling $$ & I’m a lady & like to see that I forgive the police officers who are really very lucky that I didn’t embarrass them by their names on the front page in the newspaper. Suppose I smelt $$ oh yes, I would have them embarrassed BIG TIME. So I don’t have the record in the Police Dept. Smiling from ear to ear…


  4. Thumbup #2, There’s no record of me in a mugshot. I think, I talked to FuckingUglyTellTales9 that I was arrested just for “touching” her w/my fingertips gently. I really can’t remember who called the Police Dept. as I was always the one who called the Police Dept. about the real big fucking sicko female troublemaker exactly like FuckingUglyTellTales9. Police officer asked me if I touched her. At first I said, “No.” because I knew I didn’t hurt her at all. I touched on the front side of her shoulder w/my fingertips GENTLY like I touch baby’s body w/my fingertips & hands GENTLY. I NEVER hurt her a bit. I told the police officer that I touched the front side of her shoulder w/my fingertips GENTLY. She didn’t even make one of her legs moving back after I touched her “shoulder”. He arrested me for that. When he took me to the office of Police Dept. He took a photo of me. I told him that he made a big mistake for arresting me because I didn’t hurt her a bit & she has no bruise on her “shoulder”. I told him that he should arrest me suppose she has bruise on her shoulder. but no bruise on her. He said that when there’s no court filed by her then my record will not be in the file. I do know that I don’t have the record of mugshot because I think that I talked to FuckingUglyTellTales9 about it. After he asked me if the police officer had all correct information about where I live, my age, blah, he told me to make a phone call & ask somebody to pick me up. I told him that I don’t have Videophone as I need him to make the phone call for me. I gave him my female friend’s phone # & he was the one who called her for me & told her that I need a ride home even tho the Police Dept. is only about five blocks away from my home. Suppose I had tennis shoes, I would walk home, but w/something that was not comfortable to walk while I had pain in my foot or knee. I didn’t want to walk home. My friend came & picked me up. KNOW WHAT?! The police officer NEVER takes me to the place where there has the jail. He just let me go & I went outside waiting for her to pick me up. There’s no record of me in the Police Dept. Fucking ugly stupid bitch troublemaker, FuckingUglyTellTales9!!


  5. frekky own fairytales9 and deafmermind no question !!!!! they don’t know how own themselves. they learning cope from people s idea…

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