Frekky (Dawn Huffman) talking about my mother’s

Frekky (Dawn Huffman) said:


Lousy mother.

I can image. Why? People everywhere in Iowa said that family (My parents, 4 of my brothers and me) are unruly, wild, troublemaker, trouble all of them.

Where is her mother? Her mother is busy over there at the trucking company

(My mother used to work in the office of a trucking company)

Opening her legs, spreading her legs for all the truckers at the company having sex with them. Her vagina bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-07-522 all stretched out from having so much sex with all the truckers causing it to be so big that her vagina got all flapping,

You can easily grab her labia bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-11-900 and flap it. You can use her labia to bandicam 2017-07-02 20-36-15-261fan yourself when you’re hot.

4 thoughts on “Frekky (Dawn Huffman) talking about my mother’s

  1. Thumbup #2, it’s truly very sad to see what Frekky said about ur mother. I can imagine how she would feel, when she would meet ur mother in person, she would never think of ur mother like she has been talking about ur mother. She would think that ur mother is truly so friendly & sweet like an angel. She will always regret for all what she said about ur mother. I can’t believe that she would say something so ugly about ur friendly & sweet mother. Suppose, when she may meet ur mother in Spirit World, she would say that she wished that she never talked something like that about ur mother. I can imagine what ur mother thought of her filthy “mouth” (hands) & ur mother feels sorry for her & would offer her ur mother’s hugs to comfort her because she would feel like being crushed by the huge round or oval & so heavy steel that’s for destroying the tall & big buildings. Ur mother will see that she really needs ur mother’s comfort by holding her in ur mother’s arms. Oh wow! Big time!! I sure hope that she & ur mother will meet in Spirit World. Oh yes! Sweet! She would never have wild imaginary of what ur mother looks like in Spirit World. Oh yes!! SWEET! I bet u that when she will see ur mother in person, she will never have the thoughts of her as “naught” woman, but when ur mother will tell her that u’re ur mother’s daughter. Oh my! It’ll be hard for her to run away from ur mother because she would be in a big shock & stare at ur mother & would have hard time to believe how filthy mind she had about ur mother. Plus her mother is grieving to see how filthy mind her daughter has been talking about ur mother. I do know that she’ll always be regretted for what she said about ur mother because she’ll see the most beautiful & the sweetest woman who’s ur mother. She’ll be grateful that ur mother will be there for her needs of ur mother’s comfort & forgiven. Oh wow! I really have hard times to believe what she has been talking about ur mother because she’s a mother, she has her mother, her grandmother, great-grandmother, daughter & I think that she has granddaughter. Oh my! They all look at her & have hard disbelief in what she said about ur mother. Oh well? I feel sorry for her that she’ll always wish that she never had filthy thoughts about ur mother. Oh my! That’s her sad life. Oh wow!

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