cyberbullying Google SearchRayline because of her religion beliefs?!!Image result for animated gif leave her alone

6 thoughts on “Deafwomynpride,

  1. thumbup #2, oh my dearest sweetest friend, thank u so much for real perfect GIF that’s meant for her to see! Bless u! I never have hard-hearted toward all transgenders, gays & lesbians as many of them are truly neat & cool ppl who are like down-to-earth (peacemakers w/o any hard feelings) except fucking sooo ugly bitch, DeafWormPride who’s none of anyone like peacemaker, neat or cool or down-to-earth person. That’s gross & disgusted. Yuck! Eww! Eek! I notice that she has hatred in the ppl who love our Heavenly Father & our Savior, Jesus Christ Who don’t accept the actions of the same genders, but They still expect us, the ppl who still need to love them just like our Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ still love them. I love them except the one who’s just so called “Sister” & nothing more than “Sister”. I’m not her friend therefore she’s not mine. She has the ugliest evil spirited in her. Oh my! Shaking my head & goose bumps on the back of my mind. Eww! Eek! Really fucking sooo ugly face, I see her ugliest evil-spirited monster in her. Yuck! Sure glad that I’ve not seen her ugliest evil-spirited monster in her ugliest face for such a long time which is truly a SWEET Blessing!!!

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  2. Deafwomynpride is truly very sad & sorry in her mentally, emotionally & spiritually because she has hard times to learn to understand & accept that I love our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ & all the people including hard hearted & nitwit like her. Oh my! I really never want to talk about her because she’s really mental, emotional & spiritual sicko. I really don’t feel comfortable talking about her because she’s sicko. She’ll never learn to grow up a real lady in her life. That’s truly shucks!


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