OUCH!! ShadowAngel?!!

Image result for animated gif how rude

OK! Maybe time for you to tell your friends you were the one who inboxed me video of deafghOster aka George Gregory Johnson

and you sent me another inbox message warning me of deafghOster breaking in the private group at DVTV.Image result for animated gif backstabberImage result for animated gif backstabber

6 thoughts on “OUCH!! ShadowAngel?!!

  1. THUMBUP #2, Who’s IIII49128? Huh? Oh now I just saw a “photo” of shadowangel that he made his vlog in his post for Robert. I never watch his vlog once. I really don’t go to YouTube videos. Oh well? Smiling…

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  2. iiii49128,
    Hi! That shawdowangel was rude! I was rather surprised he talked like that to GhostBikerX!
    LOL! At least I called him a fat ass!

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