OH NO! It’s

Image result for animated gif nodding head yesAgree with WarHawk! It’s rather  hilarious Google Search!!!

deafsnake probably got it from perverted  zack1324! 

It usually happens when you’re somebody’s

 Image result for animated gif puppetImage result for contagiousImage result for animated gif run for your life


5 thoughts on “OH NO! It’s

  1. I notice that many of DVTVers want Frekky, Zack & many other evil spirited DVTVers to know that they’re in their circle of friends. Eww! Eek! Oh my! No way! Many DVTVers are their puppets who are not my kind of friends. I’ve almost all of their puppets blocked. ha ha laughing… That’s so sweet not to see their faces ever again! Ohhhh yeaaahhh! Smiling from ear to ear… even tho I know that I still need to have several more puppets to block as soon as possible. Smiling…

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  2. Smiling from ear to ear… Oh yes! Love ur post! Well-said! I wont want to be anyone’s puppet especially Zack, Frekky & many of their friends. Smiling from ear to ear…

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