WTF?!! Phone # 206-769-9811 and

206-452-0038LOL! I don’t even own a videophone! So it says it’s from Iowa?! Show me the proof!!!


9 thoughts on “WTF?!! Phone # 206-769-9811 and

  1. Superdeafpride,
    You good detective!
    I never thought about the door!
    Yeah, zack1324 sure do have a lot of issues with females for sure!
    Different private groups? LOL! He’s chicken!!!

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  2. Other thing that I found out more through Ridor9th’s old VLOGS on YOUTUBE still exist today.. I will love to share this LINK!

    Part One

    Part Two

    Tayler’s VLOG
    Part 1

    Part 2

    There are more from YOUTUBE…


  3. Yeah.. To be honest that I feel something going on with Zack due to many issues with females while he have his wife!

    NOTICED in different vlogs that sometimes he shut the door or open door. Depend on the issues on VLOGS! That makes me feel like FISHY!

    Kathyfans is strong woman and still around the FACEBOOK. She did the right thing to express her feeling and tell everyone the truth about Zack!

    Zack always make dumb VLOGS against me through different private groups. I just find those funny because he is full of bullshit! That why I just going make his call or ELSE! LOL


  4. Superdeafpride,
    Interesting what you said about Tayler!!! Thank you, for reals. I am going to make a post for Tayler!!!
    And thank you for believing me, for reals.
    Yes, I agree with you about zack1324! He has a serious problem. I am curious, what happened between you and zack1324?
    I am worried about kathyfans. You should tell her not to leave dvtv. She did nothing wrong. She did the RIGHT THING!!!


  5. Alright, I just curious about that… You don’t have any account on DVTV. Perfect! I am gonna believe you because I think that someone trying be fake! I just having a feeling about that unless Tyler (DVTV Owner) know the answer because under which emails that person using.

    Come on, Zack1324! Just move on because you still very obsessive on me! FUCK YOU, Zack! I don’t watch your VLOG! Get LOST, Zack! 🙂


  6. Superdeafpride,
    Simple question?
    You all never had accepted my simple answer which is NO.
    I had told you all again and again and again that I do not have an account at DVTV but you all don’t believe me.
    Frekky and zack1324 kept repeatedly said over and over and over that I own an account at DVTV which is a lie.
    Did you see what Frekky and Eric said?
    They both said it was me who send them because they saw evidence it from Iowa.
    I am telling you I did not send anything and I do not have an account at DVTV.
    Bet you won’t believe me?!!


  7. I got strange through DVTV Inbox about this numbers… Just let you know that I got those numbers too as TEXT and VP… Just a simple question that you still have account in DVTV or NOTHING. Just let me know.


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