You got some

don’t you, Frekky?!!  

Image result for animated gif pointing laughingImage result for animated gif you mad

4 thoughts on “You got some

  1. thumbup #2, I forgot to add one more thing in my previous comment. Frekky & Zack are truly perfectly VILE MONSTERS. I really don’t see them as real human beings at all. All I see in them is truly perfectly VILE MONSTERS. Yuck! Eww! Eek!

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  2. Smiling from ear to ear… thumbup #2, Eww! Eek! I REALLY NEVER feel comfortable watching all Frekky’s worst & strongest evil thoughts in all of her evil-sicko post. Very easy to identify her as truly the most evil spirit in her mentally, emotionally & spiritally. She’s truly perfectly mental, emotional & spiritual EVIL SICKO female MONSTER. Yuck! I really haven’t seen a real woman in her, but perfectly the most evil spirit Monster in her. Yuck! Shaking my head… Sure glad that she’s NOT my friend & will NEVER be my friend again. Yuck! Whoa!

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