Clothes on clotheslines during windy

Have to wait til the climate is calm again before I’ll wash my clothes. I always love to have all of different clothing hanging outside by the clotheslines. Lately the climate has been windy. Ugh pout Yes, am very disappointed that I’ve to put off washing my clothes for some days. Big sigh… I see the weather online saying that tomorrow it’ll be windy again. Oh no! Oh well? Always have to have a lot patience waiting for the climate to be calm. Yes, of course I do have two washers, but I don’t want to use them because of wasting a lot of water (about thirty gallons of water each for washing & rinsing load) While I wash all different kinds of clothing in the five gallons buckets. Yes, of course I always need to throw dirty water each about a little more than several clothing. I think I save a lot of gallons of water from washing clothing in the buckets. Yes, of course I’ve three galvanized (silver tin) wash tubs for having all kinds of clothing soaked for about ten or fifteen minutes before washing them. Oh yes! Always love to wash them outside by the clotheslines! Have been missing to wash my clothes lately. Been waiting for the climate to be calm lately. Smiling… I don’t like to have all kinds of clothing hanging outside by the clotheslines during the windy. Forget it! Smiling… Yes, of course I do have a brand new dryer, but when I saw that I bought it by a mistake like it’s not gas dryer. Oh no! I forgot to tell a man that I want to have gas dryer instead of an electric dryer. Eighteen yrs ago I used it for about five times then quit using it. Yes, I wasted $$ on it, but hell w/it. Smiling…

2 thoughts on “Clothes on clotheslines during windy

  1. THUMBUP #2, Oh, I love ur GIF better than mine!! Smiling… Have been doing that for about twenty-five yrs after I moved out of apartment & into single-wide mobilehome on the Mobile Home Park where had the clotheslines then later lived in rent house that had clotheslines then moved here & saw that it has clotheslines! Yeah! Love it! Love to hang all wet clothes, towels, sheets, blankets, comforters, etc. on the clotheslines. I don’t like to use a brand new electric dryer. Sure glad that my property has the clotheslines so here I’ve been doing that for eighteen yrs. Smiling…


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