Really zack1324!

Narcissism-Traitorous?!!Image result for ridiculous!!! zack1324!!!

7 thoughts on “Really zack1324!

  1. Superdeafpride, I clicked in the link you gave me and got this?

    Yeah, P220 did say that him and his girl is setting up their own website.
    I find hard people no like him? I will check out the link.
    I will be back with something for you.


  2. I did click to that link and its appear with that picture that i screenshot recently.

    By the way, I heard that P220 supposed be set up his own website on June, 2017. Hello, It’s June and nothing happens. Let you know that HES FULL OF BULLSHIT! Sad!

    That why many people hates him! You should check out many vloggers against him on YOUTUBE. You just type meROARyou.


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  3. Zack1324 is such DUMBASS because he BROKEN the RLIST due to exposed the banned video under that comment! USING the account under DEAF CLAWER NEWS! Both of that account should get BANNED!

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  4. Zack1324. You still full of SHIT! You still very OBSESSION against me. Again, Look at yourself! You are full of TRASH talking!

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