Buddha9’s story

12 thoughts on “Buddha9’s story

  1. ha ha laughing out loud ha ha Oh my Goodness!! ha ha I’m sure that u made that post! ha ha laughing out loud… Thank u for making my morning again! Love ur sense of humor that u may not remember that u made that post for me! ha ha Maybe u thought that I must be stressed by having so many cats & kittens & keep running around feeding them & cleaning after their stools & urinate in & outside. ha ha sorry I keep yawning over & over again. Ugh grr at my yawning!! I really NEVER, NEVER like yawning!! ha ha laughing…


  2. Do u need to do to ur face like destressmonday? I always have many things to do on Mondays as they sure keep me busy. Smiling…

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  3. Thumbup, Smiling from ear to ear… Thank u for ur GIF! Great massages on my face, neck & jawlines, etc.! Let u know that Mondays have always been my most favorite day of the week. It’s like a new beginning day of the week that I may work as hard & much as I can. I never feel blue on Mondays. I’ve always been so elated on truly sweet Mondays! If I remember correctly? that I was born on Monday? I sure hope that I’m correct that I was born on Monday!! Smiling… I sure hope that I was not born on any other or different day than Monday!! Smiling…

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  4. Thumbup, ha ha so cute & funny GIF!! I love it! ha ha Thank so much for making me having a real BIGGGG SMILE on my face. Now I’ve sore just a little below cheeks from having the real BIGGGG SMILE on my face!! Need to massage just a little below my cheeks w/my fingers. Smiling…

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  5. Thumbup & Buddha9, oh wow! Truly very sad to see Frekky & her gang stalkers had not been nice to u, Buddha9! They’ve always been truly gross, disgusted & disgrace to their own real names. So Hell w/their real disgraced names! Anyway Buddha9, wonder, do u still live in the South CA? No? Oh I’m truly very sorry that ur husband left the Earth unexpectedly. I read ur comments, oh wow! I see ur intelligently & courtesy. I really like to make a new friend w/u somehow if u’ll allow our new friendship growing beautifully? I don’t tend to ask anyone to make new friends. I like to see what kind of person everyone chooses to be first. I do live in the Southeast CA. It’s like a “nowhere” for the Deaf World. Smiling… Wonder, is there anyway we may have other way to make new friend & for our sweet friendship & sisterhood? Do u have FB acct.? or wonder, do u have DVTV acct.? No? Do u have VP (Videophone)? Sure hope so! Smiling… Suppose u might allow me to be ur friend, in what way we may exchange our VP #? or email addy? or thru FB? I really like to see that our new friendship goes further than just new as for right now we know so little about each other here. I’m sure that u’re getting to know me better every time I make my post & comments. Smiling… Who knows, we may become buddies? I really always love Thumbup as my best friend & “sis.”. Now I hope to have another best friend & “sis.”. Smiling… Hope u don’t mind my comment & request for ur new friendship? Smiling… mwahs xoxo w/all my love as my hopefully new friend! Smiling…

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