Oh really, zack1324?

Image result for well then gif

Image result for xray of a fat person showing fat around bonesI say the extra padding around your skeletal frame is Image result for oink oink gif

12 thoughts on “Oh really, zack1324?

  1. THUMBUP #2, I forgot something to say in my previous comment. That GIF is truly AWWW sooo CUTEEEE!! Love it!! Shy or embarrassed? Smiling… Don’t be shy or embarrassed!! BE PROUD of urself that u’re truly sooo BEAUTIFUL W/SO MUCH LOVE INNER U!! Smiling… I’ve seen many Deafies who don’t have love inner them can’t see beautiful w/so much love in u. It’s truly very sad to see that they’re the ones who are truly sooo ugly in their faces because they have vary two or three or more evil demons in them. Two or three or more evil demons are liars, hatred, jealousy, etc. Truly very sad. Oh well? I’ll never be their friend therefore they’ll never be my friends, too. Who needs their friendship? Me? Heck no way! Who needs liars, hatred, jealousy, etc as friends? Me? Heck no way! I just ignore them as if I never see them. Smiling… mwahs XOXO Smiling…

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  2. THUMBUP #2, Yes, of course, anyone who has strong & deep love in heart, mind & spirit may see ur Light: ur beautiful like an angel, movie star & model. I’m not kidding u at all!! Smiling… mwahs XOXO Smiling…

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  3. THUMBUP #2, yes, Zack asked for it because he kept making fun of u over & over again then he should look at himself in the mirror & see who looks ugly. Yes, of course he looks so ugly!! Ur face shows beautiful like a real movie star or model. Smiling…

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  4. THUMBUP #2, ur word, “yukky” in ur post keeps me laughing out loud & I can’t stop myself laughing out loud. I”m still laughing out loud. ha ha ha ha Oh my! I’m having so much tears of laughing out. Oh my! Wow! What good laughs I’m having! Thank u!! Bless u!! Makes my night!! Smiling from ear to ear…

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  5. THUMBUP #2, ha ha laughing out loud Oh my! ha ha Love ur post!! Zack’s obesity looks sooo much ugly. I would not want to see him naked which looks worse than wearing clothes on. ha ha laughing out loud

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