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  1. THUMBUP #2, OHHHH my Goodness!! I saw that green letters saying, “NOW OPEN” between two black squares. Oh my Goodness!! Unbelievable to see that I read that yet my mind was not alert & forgot it. ha ha laughing out loud I’m really laughing out loud Oh my Goodness!! It says, “NOW OPEN” on May 24th? Oh wow! I didn’t know that it opens last May 24th. I think so funny that I read it & my mind forgot it right away after reading it. ha ha Oh my! Thank u for sending me that GREEN LETTERS – NOW OPEN. My mind was not good & not alert today! Ugh pout That shucks! ha ha laughing Bless u for having a lot patience w/me!! I’m truly very blessing to have u as my best friend!! Smiling… mwahs XOXO Smiling…


  2. THUMBUP #2, I saw two all black square & couldn’t show what they’re. I saw Robert’s face in other square & it’s just a photo of him. None video or any word in two dark squares & Robert’s “photo”. So? I’m truly very sorry that I could see two black squares & don’t know if Robert already made his vlog in his post? So? Ugh pout Drat!

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