zack1324, about your video in result for 2mattseattle is the winner! Fair Use

Don’t forget you swore

the information in the notification is accurate.and have them check out the possibility of perjury committed by you, zack1324.

19 thoughts on “zack1324, about your video in

  1. I always let my cats & kittens watching what I’m doing in the shower. Isn’t it cute to see them watching me bathing, shampooing & washing off “bubbles” from soap & shampoo then drying myself with towel. Let them learn & see what shower is for. Great education for them? ha ha Smiling…


  2. I like to have hand towel on the rack which is on the wall. When I take the shower, I take towel & wash cloth out of towels, wash cloths, hand towels also sheets closet & put it on the rack on the wall of bathroom by bathtub & put wash cloth on the bottle of shampoo & a bottle of liquid soap which are on the corner of bathtub by the shower walls. My shower curtain is almost like transparent. Smiling…

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  3. Rayline,
    Yeah. Me too. @ bottles of shampoo on top of the tub near the faucet, one white soap dish, wash rag and towel.
    That’s it. No decoration. I like it white and bare.

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  4. My shampoo is on the top of the tub even tho I’ve a plastic thing that holds shampoo. That was hung up on the rod of the shower or is on the long plastic thing on the wall.

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  5. Ohhh my Goodness!! Sure proud of clever man w/the rope of soap on his wrist! ha ha laughing… Thank u for that GIF that sure helped me understanding what it means! Bless u! mwahs xoxo Smiling…

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  6. soap on a rope?! What?! Oh I tried to figure out what u meant by that. Sorry, I still don’t get what u meant by that. Ugh?

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  7. I made a mistake for saying that hard-hearted prisoners who want to use his anal badly. They’ll use a stick & have it in his anal & make him feel painful from their horrible cruel torments.

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  8. Can’t wait til see that Zack1324 will be in prison w/hard-hearted men who want to use his anal badly. Hopefully sooner!! Lets pray that he’ll be booked in prison for as long as he lives!


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