Rayline! Look at the

people sticking up for you against that liar!

Image result for animated gif liar
Rayline did not flip the birdie! She was signing friends with her two fingers crossed.Hey Slyfox68 SO WHAT !!
Hey Slyfox68 SO WHAT !! Southside50 June 7, 2017 in ASL
Just a finger! Waaaa!Just a finger! Waaaa! GoldenIrish76 Jun 7, 2017

wowwow beautifullady63 Jun 7, 2017
Hey Slyfox68, come on!!!
Hey Slyfox68, come on!!! DeafHawk62 Jun 7, 2017
Slyfox68 is ZOMBIE! Slyfox68 is ZOMBIE!Brooklyn Jun 7, 2017

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