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Image result for deaf earImage result for animated gif snaketold  Jokechamp to not hang around with the crazy woman  (that’s me he’s calling crazy woman) OOPS?

Rule #3 ?!!

 Look at  ‘s

comment Image result for animated gif pointing down for Image result for deaf earImage result for animated gif snake(Jordan Greaney)!

Image result for kim cattrall blowing kiss gif

(That kid got a mind of his own, eh?!! OH! I mean that young adult got a mind of his own! Proud of him!!! Strong person he is!)

Image result for animated gif blowing kisses

My comment for JokechampImage result for animated gif pointing down

39 thoughts on “From GhostBikerX’s

  1. deafghOster, it’s you and your groupies that are the bullies! Remember you threatening me that my life will be short soon, huh?

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  2. Done reported to WordPress for you about this site has to go. You won’t be able to find my email sent to W.P. Hahaha. deafsnake reported too, and also few other peoples already reports too, Hahahaha. you need to stop bullying!


  3. jokechamp,
    Looks like the test review comments passed!
    How are you doing? I’ve been worried about you! So glad to have you here!

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  4. THUMBUP #2, Filthy Shit Bastard, GhostBikerX banned u & me w/o giving us first warning. What’s worse that he banned me for no good reason, but caught him off guard w/his filthy shit lies in his “mouth” – hands. He lied in his teeth that I asked for his email addy which I never need because the words, “Contact Us” in his filthy shit DVV that has his email addy & whenever I saw some things those needed to be fixed, I always clicked on “Contact Us” so why should I ask him for his email addy WHICH DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. That was his first lie. He said that he got an email from his DVV server w/a list of whatever words are that will make DVV losing the website. That was what I asked for & I asked him to show me an evidence that he got the email from his DVV server that DVV owner needs to know so to protect & save DVV from losing the website. He didn’t say anything about that in his last post to me. Obviously that’s his filthy second lie. Oh wow! I always thought that he was a real cool guy, but the day I was banned, I saw his real color that he’s not really cool guy any longer. TWICE HE LIED TO ME IN HIS LAST POST ESPECIALLIY HE LIED TO HIMSELF THAT MEANS HE NEVER CARES ABOUT HIMSELF INNER. HE’S NOTHING GOOD ABOUT HIMSELF, BUT FILTHY SHIT LIAR & BASTARD. I don’t give shit about him any longer. He’s like not existed to me. SO I WAS BANNED FOR NO REAL REASON, BUT W/HIS LIES THOSE I CAUGHT HIM OFF GUARD. He knew that I would keep embarrassing him over & over again by asking for the letter in the email that he got from DVV server. Full of shit lies! He said that I asked for his email addy which I never ask for then banned me for “asking him for email addy” Oh wow! Really? Did I ever ask him for his email addy while he always has his email addy in his CONTACT US in his DVV. DUH!! REALLY STUPID LIAR!! So we never get the first warning from him that he banned us for no good reason. NOW FOR THIRD LIE HE DIDN’T KEEP HIS WORDS ABOUT GIVING THREE WARNINGS IN THREE MONTHS. U & I NEVER GET OUR FIRST WARNING THEREFORE HE’S REALLY VERY GOOD AT BEING FUCKING LIAR FOR NOT KEEPING HIS RULES IN DVV. HE SHOULD HAVE TALKED TO US OVER THE THINGS FIRST BEFORE HE JUMPED SO QUICKLY THAT HE CHOSE TO BAN US FOR NO GOOD REASON W/O GIVING US THE FIRST WARNING YET AS FOR ME, I KNOW THAT HE LIED THRICE THAT MADE HIM BANNING ME SO TO STOP ME FROM EMBARRASSING HIM OVER & OVER AGAIN BY ASKING HIM TO SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE THAT HE GOT THE LETTER IN THE EMAIL FROM DVV SERVER. HE’S FULL OF BULLSHIT LIAR.

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