Airshowfan’s great comment!!!

ReplyTo:   JokeChamp
Title:   Stay be strong! 😬🤙🏽

20 thoughts on “Airshowfan’s great comment!!!

  1. I’m truly a dog lover & as of my Chinese Animal Year is the dog so I know how dogs & animals feel, when they are neglected or tortured or get affection w/love. In FB one video showed that cow had tears w/scared eyes knew that it was going to be killed. Oh my Goodness! So animals do have the feelings & intelligent. Oh Cow was on its way to be butchered. Oh wow! Whoa! So anyway I’m the “dog”! Smiling…

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  2. I remember having carpet in Mom’s house & had a female German Shepherd dog. I always needed to see that she must come in the house, when I went in the house. I mean, she always loved to come in the house, when I went in the house. When I went outside, she always went outside w/me. That dog was really for my older hearing bro. I always made sure that she felt like a “human being” meaning that whenever I was in the house, she came in the house, if she wanted to. & Whenever she wanted to go outside, I went outside w/her & played w/her by throwing the balls & let her run & fetch the balls. Kept her in great shape w/my love & affection. Smiling… By the way I always had to vacuum once weekly & shampoo the carpet bi-monthly to keep flea out of the house even tho I never felt flea in Mom’s house plus always needed to give her good bath monthly & other times bi-weekly w/warm water in bathtub. Smiling… She was more likely my baby girl instead of my older bro.’s dog. I always had to feed her because I saw how I fed her was always much better than how he fed her. While I was home, I didn’t want him to feed her as I always rather fed her myself. Smiling…


  3. Oh really?! Carpet never looks neat?! Unbelievable!! I always thought that ur carpet always looks neat, but no?! Impossible to see that ur carpet always looks dirty daily? Huh? Smiling…

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  4. THUMBUP #2, ha ha cute word, “Indeed” ha ha laughing I like to see that ur friends have shown respect for ur Apt. by keeping ur Apt neat! Bless them! Smiling…

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  5. THUMBUP #2, Oh that’s great to see that ur friends keep ur Apt neat & see that u’ve been taking it easy which is great to know!! Smiling…

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  6. THUMBUP #2, Oh my dear Sweetie, ur friends love to spend their time at ur cozy & comfortable Apt. Oh wow! Hope u’re alright. Remember, all u need to do is just to take it easy. Oh wow! Smiling…

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  7. THUMPUP #2, ha ha laughing out loud, oh my Goodness!! U surely always know how to make me laughing out loud EASILY by saying, “Cough, Cough” ha ha laughing out loud… Always love to read those sooo very cute words!! In email, when I read ur words, “Cough, Cough”, it made me laughing out loud again while ago; earlier in the day! ha ha laughing… Love ur sweet & loving words such as “Cough, Cough”!! ha ha laughing MWAHS XOXOXO Smiling…

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  8. THUMBUP #2, Smiling from ear to ear… Oh my dear Sweetie, u know, every member of Deaf People really needs to look out for the others here on any thing like we need to be here for each others by giving each other boost (support) that will uplift each others’ spirit. That’s what I’m for. U’ve been here uplifting my spirit & cheering me up w/many of ur posts & comments therefore we need to be here for each others. I strongly believe in seeing that we’re here for uplifting our spirit & cheering each others w/sweet words, GIFS & GIPHYS, etc. Smiling… I do undy that u’ve been real very busy w/ur friends who love to be at ur place frequently so I feel that I need to be there for u, help u by cheering the other member like JokeChamp. I was doing that for u!! I knew that u really appreciate it, whenever I’m there for u, when u really need my help so I was there for u! We’re here as loving family. Smiling… Hugging u & many more Hugs w/all my eternal love MWAHS XOXOXO Smiling…

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  9. Rayline,
    What about you? You went and made a special post welcoming jokechamp and I didn’t! Proud of you too!!!
    Darn it! I failed with comments. I thought I had it set where you all’s comments won’t have to wait for approval but your comments still await approval? Will have to go figure it out.

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