deafsnake – Jay Greaney,

3 thoughts on “deafsnake – Jay Greaney,

  1. Thumbup #2. GhostBikerX has been very good at hiding his real ugly & evil personality inner til recently he came out w/his real ugly & evil personality. That’s a real who he’s since the first day he banned me w/his ugly & evil lies in his last post. Oh wow! He’s not a real cool man any longer. Sure glad to get to know him better than never know his dark hidden character/personality. He has his reputation ruined by himself. Whoa! Big time! Yuck!

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  2. Thumbup #2, No wonder, GhostBikerX is not good at keeping his words about his rules such as giving DVVers three warnings & u & I never get first warning. Hmm mmm Obviously he must be loving to tell the lies & now he allows DeafSnake & himself to troll at u as both of DeafSnake & he brought the problems into his website. I remembered he said something like “no problem brings into DVV from outside & now he lied to himself that DeafSnake & he who brought the problems into his website. Oh my! Oh wow! He has been telling many lies lately. Wow! No difference between Zack, Frekky, Deafsnake & himself. They all are not cool. Hey, now u see that it’s truly a blessing in a disguise that he banned u & me even he didn’t keep his words about his rules. Smiling… I don’t feel comfortable seeing both DeafSnake’s & his faces. Goose bumps on my back & neck. Oh my! They’re truly gross & disgusted. I don’t want to make their screen names gloried by talking about them anymore. They’re not worthy to talk about because they’re nobody. Smiling…

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