Good morning

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18 thoughts on “Good morning

  1. Smiling from ear to ear… Oh my dear sweet friends, Soheir & THUMBUP #2, I’m truly pleased to see that I’ve both of u as my real, sweet, neat & cool friends! It’s truly so small percent of real good, nice, sweet, friendly & cool friends. Having both of u here makes my day! My Gratitude to both of u for being here!! Ur presence is like truly a real big blessing. I’ve not seen that many truly nice, sweet & cool Vloggers & Bloggers like u. Reading ur sweet msgs. inspire me; makes my day! Smiling… Yesterday I had a long & hard day into evening by watering the lawn in both yards. I’m still not done w/watering the lawn in backyard so I’ll need to go back to water the rest of the lawn. Yes, of course I always need to wear one piece of swimwear so I may sprinkle (hose) the water all over me w/the water hose frequently that keeps me cool. Seeing my feral cats & kittens pleased w/happiness that they lay on cool lawn that makes me happy. Smiling… I don’t like the hot dirt & red or fire ants so I always like to see that I keep watering the lawn & keep the lawn cool for all feral cats & kittens. Smiling… Working on my lawn in both yards makes me happy. Smiling… This early AM I picked up feral cats’ & kittens’ stools & urinate w/my left bare hand. Yes, that’s correct w/my left bare hand w/o wearing the garden glove. Smiling… ha ha Maybe to u, u would say, “Eww” or “Eek” or “Yuck”. ha ha laughing… Smiling… picking up their stools & urinate doesn’t even bother me at all. I still feel strong. ha ha laughing… Oh yes! Evil ppl are depressed to get our attention. Sometimes I just ignore them & don’t want to talk to them because what they said made no sense. I think that they are depressed for our attention or they want to think that they are more brilliant than we’re. Oh my! Oh please? Chuckling… Smiling… Let us enjoy our so beautiful day w/whatever we like to do that will please us & make us happier & have more hours of being enjoyed w/great feelings! Oh yes! Love the sweet feelings! Smiling… I better hush my fingertips from typing more letters to make more words & save a little more time for responding to both of ur more comments. Smiling… Hugging u & many more Hugs w/all my eternal love MWAHS XOXO Smiling…

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  2. Yes i see
    Never mind
    They are just losers those bad people
    They are not happy and that is enough for them.
    They have a passive energy..they are suffering a lot…so never mind my friend…

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  3. Smiling from ear to ear… Soheir, What I meant by pain in the neck is that when I say something that’s not nice to bad or evil people. I mean, like swear or not nice words to evil (bad) people. Ugh Tsk tsk on me! Shame on me! Me, bad girl, when I swear or talk bad to evil people. I always try the best I can be cool & ignore evil people. Smiling…

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  4. Thanks a lot!!
    Have a great day my friend!
    And don’t worry about the pain in ur neck will go away soon..just try to take a rest and sleep well..cheers!!

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  5. Soheir, Smiling from ear to ear… Hi Soheir, my great pleasure to meet u! I can tell that u’re a real nice & cool person! Stay that way! I always love to see sweet, nice & cool people like u! It’s my great pleasure to have u here!! I always like to see that I’m a nice & sweet person, but sometimes I may be pain in the neck which is not a real cool. Ugh Pout I always like to see that I try the best I can be not to be pain in the neck. Smiling… WARM WELCOME HERE w/my friendly hugs as new friend! Smiling…

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  6. THUMBUP #2 & Soheir, Gif says, “Make urself at Home Why not “listen” to the music”. Turning up the volume & let the music tune our body into relax by dancing away & enjoy the feelings of Bass! Feeling the “Bop, Bop, Bop” from the big & loud speakers! Smiling… I never type or write the words such as “Bop, Bop, Bop” Maybe I’m wrong about that word? ha ha Smiling…

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  7. THUMBUP #2 & Soheir, I’m truly very sorry that I failed to have my GIF shown here. Ugh pout Drat! Shake my Head w/a disappointment. pout

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  8. Hello Soheir & THUMBUP #2, Soheir, I like to introduce myself to u, I’m Rayline from the Southeast CA. Smiling… I like to have something surprise for both of u. Make urselves at home, turn on the music to feel nice vibration & dance away & dance like sexy women long night long! Enjoy urselves here like ur sweet Home Smiling… I sure hope my GIF will show here for both of u! Smiling… Lets pray & hope that GIF will show here! It better shows or else. ha ha laughing what’s else? ha ha laughing out loud Smiling…

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  9. Thats right!! No worries.. Thumbup look at the hits you have here. LOLOLOLOL I dont see many joining DVV as of yet.. only one…

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