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10 thoughts on “Looky

  1. ha ha Oh my!! ha ha love them!! ha ha laughing… Oh yes!! SWEET!! ha ha Thank u sooo very much!! ha ha laughing… U ALWAYS know how to make my day w/ur sweet, funny & brilliant GIFS!! Bless u for being sweet, nice, funny & cool friend & “sis.”! I REALLY ALWAYS love u as my best friend!! ha ha “cough, cough” & “Ahem” ha ha Oh yes!! That will help me seeing something I overlook & being aware of something I overlooked & said something that doesn’t make sense like u corrected me w/”Mister Vicki”. When u mentioned that Frekky said it. Oh yes! That made sense!! If not for half sleepy & my mind was so very tired & said something that didn’t make sense & u helped me by correcting me. I saw what I said, “Miss DeafSnake” doesn’t make sense!! U’re not Miss DeafSnake!! ha ha laughing… Oh my Goodness!! I saw what I said didn’t make sense!! Sure glad that u were here for me by either “cough, cough” or “Ahem” ha ha laughing… Smiling… Bless u for being here for my non-sense mistaken! ha ha laughing… mwahs xoxo w/all my eternal love Smiling…


  2. THUMBUP #2, know what? Lately when I thought about “cough, cough” & “ahem”, I always laughed & am still laughing right now. Whenever u see that I overlooked the correct meaning of something due to sleepy head not alert mind, I would love for u to say something like “cough, cough” or/and “Ahem”. I really love to read those real so very cute & so funny words those will definitely make me laughing. When I watered the lawn on both yards w/the water hoses, know what?, I thought about “cough, cough” & “Ahem”, it made me laughing. Yes I laughed several times while I watered the lawn today!! So right now I really have the biggest smile on my face thinking so funny that I laughed while I watered the lawn w/the water hoses even in front yard!! ha ha laughing out loud Oh my Goodness!! I laughed in front yard!! Unbelievable to see that I laughed in front & back yards!! Oh my! So let u know that whenever u see that I overlooked anything that I may not have alert mind, pls correct me w/ur “cough, cough” or “Ahem” Smiling… Love those cute & funny words!! Smiling… MWAHS XOXO Smiling…


  3. OHHHH Now I got what u meant by ur msg. I thought that DeafSnake called u Mister Vicki. Now I got a big picture!! Ohhh It was Frekky who called DeafSnake Mr.Vicki. I really need to remove my post about this. My BIG OOPS!! ha ha Thank u for correcting me about my misunderstanding who said, “Mr. Vicki”. Bless u! I’ll need to remove my post. I sure hope I’ll know how to remove it. The other one I removed was a miracle. Somehow I did it w/o the knowledge on how to remove it. ha ha Smiling…

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