Good Night! Sleep tight!


5 thoughts on “Good Night! Sleep tight!

  1. THUMBUP #2, ha ha cute “Wakey Wakey” Oh my! cute dog tried to wake its owner! ha ha As for me, I can hardly sleep w/my cats who get their turns to sleep w/me every night. Only one cat has to sleep w/me. Ugh Suppose I’ve four bdrms, I would not want one to sleep w/me!! Deadly serious!! I really always need to have some real good sleep!! Sadly, having three bdrms is not good enough. Ugh pout That’s why I always must be sleepy headed daily. That’s truly very sad to see that I can hardly have some good sleep every night. Oh well? They need me to be their Caretaker. Suppose I might add one more bdrm which will be my best bdrm w/one condition that’s no cat sleeping w/me! Smiling… Oh well? Guess, I’ve to live w/my cats who need to sleep w/me. Sigh… When I pet one of them on my king size bed, I knock out which is great! Smiling…

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  2. Smiling from ear to ear… AWW really sooo cute!! ha ha Love it!! I always love seeing all cute & funny GIFS & GIPHYS which always make my day & not only those GIFS & GIPHYS, only comments in the words still always make my day & night! Smiling… Thank u for cute bear GIF! Bless u! Smiling…

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