When I’m outside watering the lawn w/the water hose, I always love to sprinkle the water all over me in my one piece of swimwear w/the skirt attached

16 thoughts on “When I’m outside watering the lawn w/the water hose, I always love to sprinkle the water all over me in my one piece of swimwear w/the skirt attached

  1. Thumbup #2, ha ha no way! I’ll ever be naked anywhere even in my own house except only the times I take the bath. I’m not allowed to be naked anywhere except taking the bath. Smiling…

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  2. Thumbup #2, No idea? Huh? What do u mean by that? I removed the one that DP didn’t show, but mine showed. It’s strange. Is it weird? ha ha Smiling…

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  3. Thumbup #2, Mine shows both of swimwear in my post so? Huh? I’ve different one that shows in my post & still can’t see it in DP? Huh?

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  4. Thumbup #2, I tried to get the first swimwear shown again, but seemed I couldn’t get it shown again. Now what do u mean by “Yes, it does”? Huh? Smiling…

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  5. Thumbup #2, do u mean that link for my post didn’t work? Huh? I can see it in my post. So? Huh? It didn’t show in my post here in DP? What link? The same one for my post? Huh?

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  6. ha ha laughing… no way!! I don’t want to have Trump’s face on my swimsuit plus too sexy for me to wear that kind of swimsuit!! No way!! I must have that same one piece w/skirt attached that covers my whole buttock & front. I really don’t like to show my shape of buttock & front because of private hair. I don’t shave the private hair. No way! Bad experience about itching that part when the hair grew again. I used Nair “Cream” once, when I was a kid girl. No more!! I felt annoyed w/itching that part that I had Nair Cream to wipe off the private hair. I never want to see that my private hair “shaved” or use Nair “Cream” on my private hair. Grr at itching, when the hair grew! That’s why I like to have skirt attached that covers everything in front & back rear. Always love to have skirt attached which is truly a blessing!! Oh know what?! another bad experience, when I was out in the huge swimming pool in one apartment, I was laying on the lounge chair by the swimming pool & had my eyes closed. At that time I had a job which is the Eastman Kodak at the swing shift. I always love to swim in the pool & at the same time I hoped to have short nap because I worked from seven PM to three-thirty AM. Anyway when I woke up from a little good “nap”, I saw three very young men kneeling on the concrete by the side of the lounge chair where I was laid. Oh my Goodness!! I didn’t know how long they stared at my stupid private hair!! What?! just stupid private hair!! Oh my Goodness!! I had to get off the lounge chair & jumped into swimming pool. What kind of mind did they have, when they had nerve to kneel on their knees on real concrete by the lounge chair on that I was laying. Did they look alright, when they stared at my private hair? Oh my! They really didn’t look good w/their strange mental or mind. Ugh pout That’s why I never wear two pieces of swimwear. Yes, of course at that time I still wore the part of the top, but always wore the shorts for swimming til eighteen yrs ago, I had to buy one piece of swimwear & can’t have only one “tops” w/the shorts. I learned that I must cover my whole stomach, sides & lower back. Oh my Goodness!! Really very silly reason! Oh well That religion likes to see women to wear one piece of swimsuit & not allow two pieces so had to buy one piece of swimwear for the first, second & third times. That swimwear w/o the skirt attached is way too sexy for me! ha ha laughing… As for my buttock, when I was in my Middle School, one boy said that I had nice buttock. Oh wow! What kind of words he had in his mind?! I told him what made the difference between the “female” & the “male” rear ends? He said that it’s nice to have big round rear end during having the sex. What?! Really?! I was still a kid girl & a virgin! What kind of mental did he have? Sex in his mind? Oh my Goodness!! Even he was still virgin, too!! ha ha laughing out loud… Oh my! Sure enough when I got older & live on my own & I wore my shorts, a few hearing men said that I’ve nice & round buttock. Oh my Goodness!! Were they alright w/their mentally? I just walked out & didn’t want to say, “Thank u!” ha ha laughing… When I moved down here from the North CA, I had to buy one piece of swimwear because of the religion that doesn’t support two pieces of swimwear. I think, it’s a real silly reason. It doesn’t hurt to show my lower back & stomach!! Both lower back & stomach are not private parts of body! Oh my! Oh well, I had to buy one piece of swimwear, when I was only forty yrs old. I still felt so young to wear one piece of swimwear!! Oh my! When I wore one piece of swimwear, I felt as if I were like a real grandmother!! Oh my Goodness!! It was really very hard on me & for me to wear one piece of swimwear for a little long while til I learned to have to accept that I had to wear it. Now I feel different that I feel that I always need to wear one piece of swimwear! ha ha Smiling… Way sooo many men have funny or strange mind about the women in two pieces & one piece of too sexy (w/o skirt attached) swimwear. Better for me to cover my body w/the clothes a little too big; not really like big baggy. Just to cover my tops & rear end so my body will not attract the men’s eyes w/strange or funny mind. For such a long time I’ve been a wise woman. ha ha laughing… have to wear a little too big V-shirt or T-shirt that covers my chest. Oh men w/strange or funny mind of their own! Smiling… Oh my Goodness! Didn’t realize how long I yakked or blah-blah. I better go now before u fall asleep or knock out! ha ha laughing… Smiling… HuGs w/my love! MwAhS XoxO Smiling… Hope it’s like good bedtime story? Smiling…

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