Word of the day for Rayline,

Yes, I learned that some men have one testicle. One man told me that he has one testicle.The doctor had to remove one testicle due to something like prostate cancer or some kinds of cancer. I learned that some men have one testicle, too. True?
Image result for animated gif yupCheck out 10 Famous Men (Past & Present) With Only One Testicle

20 thoughts on “Word of the day for Rayline,

  1. You both are nice good people
    I learn also a lot with u
    In fact English is not my first tongue and I used
    my dictionary today to learn the new word from ur post…i love English language a lot and I understand a lot in this language!
    Thanks a lot Thumbup!

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  2. Great effort Rayline!
    Today I will wash some dishes in my kitchen…then I will study my lessons …as I do a post graduate studies….also I will make some food for my children!
    Cheers and have a good day!

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  3. Smiling from ear to ear… Oh my dear sweet & nice friend, guess, I may have a heart of a child. Smiling… Glad to see that u’re really happy to meet me!! Likewise I’m really so happy to meet u, too! I always love to smile & laugh. W/Thumbup, she sure always knows how to make me smiling & laughing. I’m truly blessed to have her as my real good friend. Now I’ve u as my another real good friend which is great! Smiling… I’m truly blessed to have u as my another real good friend! Smiling… Hugging u & many more hugs w/my love as real good friend! Smiling… Like to know what u’re going to do today, if u don’t mind my question? I didn’t water the lawn yesterday. Ugh pout disappointed, but I’m going to water the lawn in my backyard today! I’ll be very happy, when I’ll water the lawn today!! Oh yes! Always so SWEET, when I water the lawn that makes my feral kittens & feral cats happy feel cool lawn. I still need to work long & hard on my yards & see that I’ll have all real good lawn soon. The more time I work on yards, the better lawn it will be. Smiling… Have a very lovely Friday w/sweet feelings! I’ll need to clean up my feral kittens’ & cats’ urinate & stools in backyard before I’ll water the lawn in backyard. Soon I’ll need to go to the Landfill to have all six trash barrels emptied so I’ll be able to have some more trash to put in empty trash barrels again. Smiling…

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  4. Rayline
    Thank u so much for ur sweet words .I feel that u have a heart of a child……I am really happy to meet u…..keep smiling and be happy always!!!!

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  5. Oh Soheir, thank u for so nice & sweet msg.! Bless u!! Thumbup has always been real very good at finding many good information & post! Smiling… Sure glad to see that u enjoyed her great post & info.! I really always enjoy reading her great post & information which is always great education for me! Smiling… Sure glad to see ur screen name again! Smiling… I like ur cute icon? of ur profile. Smiling… Thumbup, I like ur other cute icon like Star!! Oh yes! U’re all STAR like a movie star here!! We all need to have the so called movie star here like u!! ha ha Smiling… W/o u, there would not be a Deaf People website!! I’m sure that we all thank u for having the website, Deaf People!! Bless u! U’re all the STAR!! ha ha Smiling… Sure proud of u for creating that website!! Especially u’re a sweet & beautiful woman & sis.! Smiling… Hugging both of u & many more Hugs w/all my eternal love MWAHS XOXO Smiling…

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  6. ha ha Oh yes!!! I always love that part (GIF) the best in one of his series of the movie. ha ha Oh wow! Thought that I would never see that part again, but oh wow! So nice to see that part (segment) of his movie. ha ha When I saw that part of the movie, I thought that the movie would be his last part, but not! Smiling… Oh wow! ha Smiling…

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  7. Smiling from ear to ear… Oh yes!! That’s him!! Good-looking man! Oh wow! It’s very impt for both families staying friends w/each others so they’re like one big family. U know, half sisters/half brothers Smiling… Oh wow! U found that article!! Smiling…

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  8. ha ha funny I’m sure that he would say SHUT UP to me in a person. ha ha laughing… He has children even w/monorchism. Hmm mmm interesting… Sad to see that he was not faithful husband to his wife. I’m not sure if they’re still married or not? I think maybe they’re still married? He has another woman who has his child. That woman was or is still? his maid. I think maybe she doesn’t work as the maid any longer? Maybe I’m wrong & who knows she still works as his maid? Smiling…

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  9. monorchism, it’s an interesting word! ha ha Oh wow! U found that word!! It means that men have one testicle due to some different reasons. Thank u for a new word for me to learn!! Word for the Day! Love it!! ha ha laughing… Arnold Sch___? has monorchism!! I think maybe because of his upper legs had so hard muscle that smashed one of two testicles, when walking? ha ha silly I’ve silly thoughts! Bless u for the Word of the Day! Monorchism Smiling…

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