For Mr. Vicki aka

Image result for animated gif who me?Guess what I’d be doing on July 1st Image result for animated gif happy birthday to meeeee /2nd? Making vlogs in DVTV ASL while

you can’t. 🙂  All I can describe you is that

you are up the river without a paddleRelated image 🙂  Have a wonderful weekend…

not! Image result for oops


2 thoughts on “For Mr. Vicki aka

  1. Smiling from ear to ear… Oh yes, my dear sweet & kind friend & sis., yes, I like to read the nickname “Mr Vicki like Zack & DeafSnake who love to make themselves look good by using ur name. Look good? None at all, but look worse on themselves especially their mentality, emotionally & spiritually. So I think, maybe it’s still too early for me to ask u one question about ur plans on ur SPECIAL BIRTHDAY? Planning to go out on ur truly sweet & blessing Birthday? I wonder, ur hearing friends know ur coming Birthday? Hope so!! I hope that they’ll take u out to the best restaurant never mind the prices on every item of the Menu. I sure hope that they’ll take u to very special restaurant where has the beautiful Natures surrounding that restaurant! Something like waterfalls? or something? Yes, of course not only beautiful Natures outside the restaurant, it must have so delicious meals. Maybe they like to treat u w/some kinds of whiskey? Oh my! Be careful! I don’t drink any kind of hard alcohol drinkings. No way for me! I must have “alert” mind all the time, but yes of course most of the time my mind has been somewhat sleepy-head due to lack of hours of sleep. Oh yes, u’ve well-know name of the river near ur town? It should have real good restaurants by the river? Hope ur friends will take u out to dine that they may wish u Happy Birthday w/truly special treats. Suppose I lived near u, I would let an owner or the employers of the restaurant to do something like singing u Happy Birthday! They should give u a little thing, but the little thing is a real big thing for u to remember for the rest of ur life. Praying that ur friends will take u out to dine in big fancy & expensive restaurant!! Smiling… Will u wear the dress on ur special Birthday? No? Let me know what u wear on ur special Birthday, please? Really it doesn’t matter what kind of clothes u’ll wear! Smiling… Wearing anything that makes u feel more comfortable that counts! Smiling… Maybe ur brothers want to take u out to dine for ur special Birthday, too?! Who knows? Smiling…

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