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Image result for gif rolling eyes Underneath Rayline’s post:Image result for gif pointing downI don’t know what his problem is! He gets jealous if other deaf people own a website or what?!!Image result for UH OHImage result for whats up Deaf Video Vlogs looks like this right now?!!

4 thoughts on “Look at the comment by

  1. ROFL at you, Vicki!!! You got big SUCKER!!! You always fall for what I quote above, Hahahahaha!!!! I always BAIT you many times, SMH at you, Vicki!!! I agree with DeafBiker59 say it all about transfer from his old server to new server, Hahahaha!!!! What a foolish on you all the times!!!!!! You always tattle Robert and posts on here about Deafgh0ster, WTF?! You keeps accuse Deafgh0ster! What is wrong with you, Vicki….HUH?! thats why you keeps bullying on Deafgh0ster forever, that make peoples wonder why you still bullying on Deafgh0ster for nothing? you have NONE evidence about Deafgh0ster. So, I win….I told you SO! Karma is already bit you, ROFL!

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