Look Jokechamp!

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3 thoughts on “Look Jokechamp!

  1. Thumbup #2, Soheir & JokeChamp, Smiling from ear to ear… I was writing u a text a while ago. Smiling… Here’s a copy of my text for u to read. Smiling…

    Thumbup #2, Soheir, JokeChamp & all strange people including hard heartened people out in the World, I say, “Hello” w/all my friendly hugs w/all my love. I always believe in touching the people by touching their one shoulder w/my fingertips lightly & easily. That should help them feel my love for them as my Sisters & Brothers til they & I get to know each others, then I call them as my new & real sweet friends. Yes, of course as for hearing people, when I touch their shoulders by my fingertips, I scared them. I do undy that they are not used to being touched by physical by the stranger. As for the Deafies, we tend to tap the Deafies’ shoulders to get attention so ready for chatting away. Ah Whenever I see the hearies’ facial expressions that I scared them, immediately I always need to say, “I’m sorry.” then writing “Just want to be friendly w/u.”. Smiling… I’m truly a champion in being a hugger. I always love to be hugged. Smiling… Almost all the time hearies accept my friendly hugs w/o being scared. Smiling… I’m here to send u all my truly friendly hugs w/all my eternal love. Smiling… May our Heavenly Father bless u all w/all the needs such as His Guidance, Wisdom, Strength, Compassion, Love, Joy, happiness & good health u need daily.

    Now the result is: I write like Kurt Vonnegut


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