For Jokechamp,

YO Jokechamp, Image result for animated gif finger pointing up and Related image

6 thoughts on “For Jokechamp,

  1. YO! ha ha Smiling… Happy Birthday to u, still look very young for ur age! Meaning that u really do have very strong love in ur heart that makes u look so very young!! Sure proud of u for who u’re; what kind of a lady-like u choose to be! Happy Birthday, Sweetie Girl! Smiling… mwahs xoxo

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  2. Oh wow! Yes, that’s correct! I didn’t realize that there’s two “almost alike” meanings of “Yo” & “yo”. Thank u for ur friendly reminder of two different meanings of “Yo” & “yo”. It’s really very interesting to see that there has two different meanings. Great lesson for me today! Thanks for being our great teacher!! Bless u! mwahs xoxo w/all my love Smiling…

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