Vicki, Happy Birthday to u!!

Imagining me singing u Happy Birthday. I really wish u could imagine what I look like, when I sing u Happy Birthday! I really always love to sing my friends Happy Birthday. Always love to watch their facial expressions especially their beautiful smile & giggles on their faces! Smiling… I always love to sing Happy Birthday w/my voice & ASL because they’re hearing. I always want them to see my facial expression, when I sing them Happy Birthday! My dear sweet Vicki, ~ Happy Birthday to u! ~ Happy Birthday to u! ~ Happy Birthday to dear Vicki! ~ Happy Birthday to u! ~ Hope u’ve the best Birthday that u’ve ever have today!! Many more, better & sweeter Birthdays to come! Mwahs XOXO w/all my love

Are u ready to party?! Sure hope so! Smiling…

8 thoughts on “Vicki, Happy Birthday to u!!

  1. Hello Buddha9 w/my love, hugs & sisterly kisses! Smiling… So good to see u coming here to wish Vicki Happy Birthday! Thank u for wishing her Happy Birthday w/nice comment!! Bless u!! mwahs xoxo Smiling…

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  2. Oh my Goodness!! Sooo beautiful place where she was buried!! Oh my my!! When I learned that she died, her death touched my heart very deep. I didn’t want to see that she left the Earth at her very young age, but I undy that I couldn’t make her alive again. That was a real very disappointment to see that she left the Earth at her very early age. Ugh pout Disappointed… sure glad that her two sons grew into fine men! Smiling… I’m sure that she’s proud of them that they chose to be good men! Smiling…

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